Is Roon Nucleus HDMI out connection compatible with DS DAC I2S?

I am currently weighing up the options of upgrading the Bridge I and keep the PC or upgrading the the PC to a Roon Nucleus. I am currently connecting the PC to the DS DAC with a USB cable.

Can I connect the roon nucleus to the DS DAC with the a hdmi cable? Will this have better sq than the USB or even the bridge II?

Thanks in advance

According to its online manual, the HDMI port on the Roon Nucleus is to connect to an audio/video receiver (AVR) or another device which supports multi-channel audio over HDMI. It therefore is not wired to support the I2S protocol which PS Audio uses over an HDMI cable, so it would not be compatible.

Thanks for your confirmation Audio.bill … I am with the same impression. I will upgrade the to the Bridge II. Cheers