Will The MKII DAC I2S work with a Roon Nucleus

I just received my MKII and it works fine with USB, but the I2S connected to Roon with PMCIA doesn’t work. Is there a firmware fix planned?

If they are different I2S pinouts or the Nucleus is an HDMI no firmware will fix it.


There’s no I²S out of a Nucleus. Just HDMI.

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If you look around you will find quite a bit of info regarding the MK2.

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All I know about PMCIA is that it is a PC card. Beyond that I am kind of lost. Sorry. Roon has to recognize the card in. order to stream to it. I don’t think it concerns the DAC it is feeding, but rather Roon recognizing that internal card.

Maybe someone else has something to add or correct me.

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HDMI does not equal I2S. Just the same connector. That might clear things up if I am following what you are trying.

Thanks to all.

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