Is there a spinal specialist in the house?

Specifically someone who knows what to do for (cervical) foraminal stenosis? If so, please pm me. Thanks

I’m not a doctor but my experiences with ulnar nerve compression (cervical compression due to arthritis and elbow joint issues in play) and provider interactions leads me to believe the advice one gets depends on the specialty of the provider in question. My osteopathic surgeon immediately started talking about surgical interventions as well as suggesting additional surgeries to deal with basal thumb joint issues I hadn’t even complained about . The neurologist I saw said of the surgeon “give a man hammer and everything looks like a nail.” He advised physical therapy, rest, inversion table, and anti-inflammatory meds. I saw my acupuncturist as well. After several acupuncture treatments, some physical therapy, and rest, the issues resolved after a month. Not suggesting any of my results are relevant to your case of course. Just saying, unless you’re having an emergency situation, don’t accept any one provider’s recommended course of action without another opinion if someone starts suggesting surgery or other potentially life altering interventions. Good luck.


Amazing how divergent medical opinions can be depending on the specialty.
PT and acupuncture do help somewhat.
Fortunately (?) I learned good lessons in 1997 about doing one’s own research.


Yes. YOU have to be your own advocate.


My son is a spinal orthopedic surgeon. My dad was a family medicine doc.

Dad always said that there were no guarantees that you would wake up feeling good everyday.

Son says that what drew him to spinal surgery is that you could mostly determine in a clinic setting what the best course of treatment for a patient is.

I am currently living with an informal diagnosis of stenosis. Pain is regular, but manageable.

I am 70, play golf (walking) regularly and will have a corrective procedure when I can no longer manage the pain and enjoy life.

I’ve been living with an old football multi surgery knee since I was 23. In those days an ACL injury was career ending.

Life goes on, surgical techniques improve and one still needs to have confidence in your providers.

Best of luck as you determine your path forward.

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Non of the proposed solutions sound confidence inspiring.

On a PS Audio chat board? Some questions are best left for a person and his physician I would venture. Can’t imagine soliciting such critical health related information through a high-end audio website. Guess that’s just me.

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Some like to share knowing they will receive support here.

And there is no downside in learning of options which one can discuss with their own physician.


Been there and PM’d you. All cured now.


Sheesh! Do you really read my thread as asking for a solution, like which fuse should I buy?
Well, no. Just sharing, support.
As Elk said, there’s no downside in learning of options.

PS-------Just got a wealth of useful information from @Vmax. Thanks, my friend.