Is this the best way?

I’ll give you a idea of my power cords through my system and you guys let me know in which order to change
Wall socket to apc 15 power conditioner PangeaAc9se mkll
Apc to McCormack Dna1 Morrow Map 2
Apc to B&K 125.7 ps power punch
Apc to marantz pre amp morrow map 2
I have a ps power plus sc I just got
Any help will be appreciated I run Nht 2.9 with kimber 8tc bi wired also Thanks Bob

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Welcome thirsty93! Some power conditioners can rob your sound of dynamics. You might try plugging your components straight into the wall to see if there is an appreciable sound difference.

Previously, I was running my systems using a UPS to feed all of the components. I figured, it’s just power and they’ll get plenty through the UPS–boy, was I WRONG! Then I bought a PS Audio Dectet to use instead of the UPS, and I really noticed an improvement in my sound. Then, I drank the koolaid and bought a P12 Power Regenerator and got an even bigger difference in the sound.

Clearly, you buy into the proposition that better power cables make a difference. If you don’t hear any difference with/without the APC, then you’re good to go. Maybe think about a power regenerator in the future. That made the most palpable change to my sound since buying the DirectStream DAC. I’ve tried a couple different amplifiers, and the power regenerator made a bigger difference than swapping amps.

Again, welcome to family!

Welcome thirsty93! Since you’re heading down the rat hole ( :grinning:) here’s something you might find interesting: Audiophile Cable TRUTHS: Power Cords - YouTube.

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I changed out the PangeaAc9se mkll for the ps audio power plus sc from the wall to the conditioner.results…more detail better mids.the ac9 was more muddy and less detailed

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I did some testing with and with out the apc 15 and with it in the system or not it didn’t make a difference till I swapped cords