Thoughts on using AC3 for my amp to P12?

I just ordered an AC3 for my M6si to P12 thinking 12 gauge should be plenty for that a 1.5m run distance but would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Does anyone use AC3s for their amps or does everyone jump to the AC5/AC12?


My opinion, based on no science, but lots of different amplifiers and cables, is that it seems that the better the amplifier power supply, the more quickly one gets to the point of diminishing returns on power cables.
I’m sure the AC3 will significantly outperform the standard cable.


I appreciate your comment. Answers regarding power cord gauge often seems to be very polarized.

Your response is a breathe of fresh air.

I have found whatever cord you use with the P12 affects the sound according to the sound of the cord. I have used the AC12 before and it does sound better than the stock cord. The AC12 is a neutral clear sounding cord. I believe the AC3 should be similar, but not quite as good as the AC12 but better than stock. Depending on your system, a cord like the Pangea AC9SE MKII has a warmer fuller sound, which I preferred in my system. I have since changed cords many times and the better the cord the better the sound of the P12. Putting a better cord to power a regenerator has similar effects as putting a better cord to power your components.

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Different than the orig question, but I agree with you that the PS Audio regenerators seem to benefit (and of course, everything powered by them) by your very best power cable.
It’s been said many times, your best cable from the wall to the regen.

I use AC5 for P5 and P12 regens.

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I don’t have any PSA power devices (I currently use a basic iFi Power Station) but all my cables including the one going to the iFi are AC3’s.