Is this your P10?


I just noticed that I have a P10, unit ID 054189, assigned to my account. I am sure that someone would like to have it back… or at least control over it back.

OK boys and girls, check your unit’s ID # and report back to me or PSA before I mess with your P10. Oh, it’s SO tempting…devil_gif


It is also tempting to say it is mine, so feel free messing with it - but it isn’t!

(Naughty me) music-078_gif


I might have to mess with it to figure out who it belongs to, but I know how I would feel if my equipment started “malfunctioning”. Pretty bad. I’m sure PSA has already taken note and will figure it out from the ID #.

But it would be funny, in a cruel and unusual way…



I wonder if it would violate anti-hacking statutes? You could laugh all the way to the pokey. 20_gif