P10 not regenerating anymore? THD in 1.7 and THD out 1.4

My P10 from yesterday shows THD OUT 1,x instead of stable THD0,1 I had till yesterday :(

Also the voltage OUT more or less copy voltage IN with decrease of about 5volts.

The P10 unit is cooler as it was before when THD OUT was ok.

I was at firmware 38 for several months and today as i have noticed the issue i have upgraded to 39 but all described behaviour is still the same :( One thing i have noticed what i have not recall seeing before with 38 was that once the unit powered on and booted it said something like “Regeneration Operational”.

I have tried also disconnecting everything from P10 (including ethernet and power in), leaving it about minute turned off – no change after replugging everything and turning ON.

Also no change in sine/mw mode or low distortion/high regulation. also changing voltage in several steps out from 220v to 240 have not helped.

Any clue what might happen? I just hope it will not have to go back overseas to the factory ;(

This does not sound good.

I am afraid it needs a trip home.

Outside of the US I believe the distributor takes care of repairs. You should contact your dealer but first I would suggest talking with PSA to see what they have to say.

The first thing to do is contact us via email at support @psaudio.com or call us on the number you see on the top of the page. Since you’re overseas it’s probably best to email us. We can go through the specifics to see what can be done. Steve is correct that you won’t need to send it all the way back to the States should it need repair. We have distributors all over the world that can help. You can also contact the dealer/distributor you bought it from for help and he can work through us and we’ll get the problem resolved for you.

Just to confirm, my P10 is back home from yesterday :)

Regenerator had to be replaced and it was done by Austrian service. The unit failure occurred on less than year old unit but warranty was not applied and I do not know why. I will have to follow up yet with PSA support on this as the damaged part was sent out to PSA for analysis by the service…

But it’s holidays and finally I have got back sound wise what I was missing for last 4 months :) (yes, it took unbelievably long due to lot of circumstances).