IsoAcoustics OREA Indigo or other under VPI TT

Has anyone tried the IsoAcoustics OREA Indigo or the like under a VPI TT? I have a VPI Classic 3 signature on a Spring loaded platform on a Solid Tech stand. I still get bass fq into the arm at louder volumes. The woofers got mad. The floor is soft in the room ( room over a 3 car garage ). Even though I put stand as close to the wall as possible I still get it.

I haven’t…but the principle of the Isoacoustics, which seems very efficient for speakers and their self induced vibration doesn’t sound optimal for the turntable application.Given a rigid and heavy base, I’d say it needs fast deduction to a strong vibration canceling absorption.


I’m using OREA reds under my preamp and also under my power amp and I really like the improvement in sound but have not try under TT. There’s a weight recommendation for the different colors. The blue ones can hold up to 16 lbs each. The OREA is designed for a certain weight because of the difference in the size of the spring inside for optimal performance, so just choose the right model for the weight of your equipment.

My VPI TT is rather heavy. 65 lbs

Have not tried it, though I’ve thought about it, as I have both a VPI and some (the two lighter ones) OREAs. The Scout has the pointy feet though, so after looking at it a bit, I gave up on the idea. Would be sorta interesting to swap the feet for the OREAs for kicks.

Tough with a large resonant floor like that. For 30+ years, I had concrete, which helped with that sort of thing a lot. So I feel your pain. Or is it 'vibe" ; ). The tradeoff with the floor being - yeah - likely stiffer close to the wall, but also more bass buildup there. You may want to look at placing it in a bass null, or midpoint between a peak and null, if possible. Which may only be a foot one way or another - assuming it is in a bad spot to start with.

I would imagine that absorbing vibration is what one wants with a TT.
Why don’t you start with some Herbie’s Tenderfeet? They’re cheap and effective in most situations.

I have the Gaia II feet on my Aries Extended and am happy with them. How much of a difference did they make? Can’t really say since it took well over an hour to remove the old feet (mini-TNT) and install the Gaia’s, then level the turntable. My aural memory is not so good (like the rest of my memory …), but I do feel confident they prevent vibration from coming up through the stand to the turntable (I use a heavy oak table and it sits on a vinyl tile covered concrete floor). In your case the Gaia III would work if you didn’t add any weight, they can be used up to 70lb. If you don’t like them I’m sure you could resell them since they are somewhat rare in the used market.

I’ve got a Prime and pretty much running it unmodified except for a Phoenix Eagle/Road Runner. While I have not tried them, currently no need to as feed back has not been an issue, I’d consider the Eden Sound Bear Claws or TerraCones which have been recommended on the VPI Forum by many users. As the Classic is a different suspension I cant say that GAIA, Bear Claws, or TerraCones are the ticket as the suspension is different than a Prime. I was kicking around the idea of adding an AMG turntable and they recommend and HRS isolation platform, I suppose this could be an option for the VPI Classic as well.

Has anyone tried and used IsoAcoustics GAIA III under a VPI TT?

Suggest a talk with Norm Varney at AV Roomservice about his EVP’s and also a platform he has coming out that’s not yet on the website. His stuff rightfully gets rave reviews.

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