PST SACD transport isolation footers

I get my PST SACD transport on Saturday if FedEx comes through. I’m going to be using it with a Holo May KTE DAC through the I2s input. I’m sure some of you have tried some isolation footers under the PST. I’m wondering what your experience has been with footers or other isolation devices under the new SACD transport or the previous models. I’m new to this forum but I’ve owned 2 original PWD mkII and 2 PWT back around 12 years ago. I’m trading in a PWT that I still have for the new SACD transport. I also considered a Jays Audio CDT2 mkIII but I wanted to have SACD capability. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Footers definitely make a difference over using the feet on the PST. I’m currently using the medium sized DH Ceramic cones, which are quite cost effective for what they do.

I have found VooD00 Cable Iso-Pod so good that they have replaced every other type in my system wherever possible; work great under transports and speakers especially.


Plus one to @lonson . I’ve tried a lot of footers over the years and the VooDoo’s are my favorite by a wide margin. They’re under everything in my system.

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Might check these out, they look pretty good. Do you use them under your speakers as well?


Great! Thank you for the suggestions! I’m doing my research on them now.


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The price is right, and each iso-pod has a maximum load of 250 lbs, pretty impressive. Definitely going to check them out, thanks.

PLEASE share the audio experience with ALL of us regarding what you are hearing/likes and dis-likes.
Your combo ( PST SACD Transport into a May KTE Dac using i2S ) is exactly what I want some day soon.
For footers under BOTH the Transport and Dac I use (and LOVE) the following:

Tom - NJ

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@Tom, absolutely! After I get acquainted with the PST, I’ll post my thoughts about it and the May KTE. I’ve had my May for about 3 months. I’m using it in my streaming system and I love it in comparison to my previous Bryston BDA-3 that I liked a lot. For reference, here’s the rest of my system:

Speakers : Klipsch Cornwall IV
Amp : Van Alstine 600R hybrid amp
Pre : Van Alstine FET Valve CF
TT : Rega P10/ Apheta 3 MC
Phono stage : Luxman EQ-500
Power conditioner : Equi=Tech 2RQ

Server streaming setup : WiFi booster > Triode Wire Labs ethernet cable> Sonore Optical Module Deluxe w/LPS > Etherregen w/LPS plus AfterDark OCXO external clock w/LPS > Triode Wire Labs ethernet cable > Aurender N100H > Innuos USB reclocker > Holo May KTE


No streaming whatsoever for me. I’m old school at heart and of age.
The PST into the May KTE Dac via HDMI i2S is what I want to hear about.
Spinning silver discs are it for me (along with albums Rega P8 TT)
I can’t wait to hear your results regarding the i2S compatibility between the PST and the May KTE !!
I’m rooting for you and this combo !!


Hmm, these seem just a little like the old Cerapucs.

Similar concept; balls in a cup.

A third yes vote with lonson and Ron. I have ISO-Pods on all my gear, 24 and counting.

As a former college varsity hockey goalie, I approve! :rofl: :rofl: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :sweat_smile:


Don’t know how these isolation footers escaped my radar. How do these compare to IsoAcoustics

I have not made a direct comparison. I had a Rollerball design before with a single ball/race and liked the improvement but not the unit wobble with a transport. Three balls, minimal shimmy. Me like it.

Do you guys using the Iso-Pods use 3 or 4 under your components? I see on the VooDoo there is a 3 point system and a 4 point one. The site has recommended components for the 3 and 4 point system. Do you follow those recommendations?

I follow those recommendations. I use three under all components except my P15 (my amplifiers are 3 watt per channel monoblocks and long and narrow and not really very heavy so I don’t use four) and I use four under my speakers.

Everything has three, including speakers.
One correction to what I said earlier, I don’t have them under my turntable.