Isolation suggestions


With more equipment stuffed into my rack, I can no longer fit my Oreas. (sniff)
Now I’m asking for recommendations on isolation devices that are less than 0.75" high.
On two shelves, I have PS components stacked, so max weight required is 40 lbs.
PS—I always find my best test for effectiveness of a tweak is to go backwards and listen and the absence of the Oreas made a substantial difference. I’d love to find something equally effective.


Ron, one suggestion I have is the ebony hemispheres that Herbie’s Audio Lab sells. They are low enough for you and they have an interesting effect as isolation components.


Great for giving center channel or bookshelf speakers a lift at the front or back for some tilt. Tilt angle can be adjusted/increased by moving the domes incrementally toward the opposite side. Can also be used as component feet. 1" (25.4mm) diameter by 1/2" tall.
$2.89 ea.


Thanks Lonson! I knew you’d know.


The also work very nicely with the “Iso-Cup” base from Herbie’s and together they are just about 3/4" . . . . A possible combo that may work very well. (I like the “domes” in the Iso-Cup a lot).


Tenderfeet are .65” tall…

They are available in a taller variant, and a denser variant is available for heavy components. Use these for my Oppo UDP, Anthem MRX AVR, and a PS Audio P5 Power Plant. Alto Extremo footers on the rest.


Have you considered a second rack? Audio Advisor sells a good solid 4 shelf rack for $100.
Depending on the component I have used rubber stoppers sold at hardware stores. They come in many sizes and heights.
Although the Herbie’s products are a good value too.


Yes but there are forces much more powerful than me at play. And she’d prefer it this way…