It is new DSD SR. Day at my house

Hooray! FedEx finally found a way to let me have my new DAC. I powered down my system a swapped the DSD JR for the DSD SR. Of course my audio computer didn’t want to work anymore, but I got that sorted. Then the Matrix wanted attention. Finally everything is settled and I get the listen to the new DAC. I am so pleased. I’ll be even more pleased when the DSD JR lands on my computer desk so I can enjoy my office system in a new light. Hooray!

Thank you PS Audio for all that you do!

Tomorrow my P20 arrives. Whoohoo!


Congrats x2!

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Remember, the weather is still cold in most places. Let the unit (P20) warm up slowly to room temperature. I let my DAC sit, after removing from shipping boxes, overnight for about 14 hours with no power or other cables attached. Even after 6 hours the, side of the unit was still cool. Yes, the wait is difficult.

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I worry about sudden expansion of cold circuits and electronics that might expand to fast, resulting in possible damage. I am a little anal but cautious.

Lol you are very OCD like me!

Man, you’re a kill joy. Let him open his new toy and have him play with it right from the get-go.

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Yes I think it is overboard. I can understand that some people are ultra cautious but unless PS Audio are suggesting this behaviour it is entirely unnecessary.

It was plenty warm when I opened the package. It’s even warmer now. I believe I can already appreciate the difference between Jr an Sr.

If its cold and you want to play with it (oops wrong direction :smile: ). Well, dust it and polish it, may be talk to it. Glad to hear that it was warm.
Also PSA’s manuals are not complete. I use the opportunity to call and chat up any question with Jamesh. Life is great, (with music of course).

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You shouldn’t have to 2nd-guess the manual. If turning on a cold-soaked gizmo causes it to go into a nuclear meltdown, when there is no warning against doing so in the manual, well, that sounds like a warranty claim to me. But I reckon you’d be pretty safe dusting off the snow and plugging it into the wall with no wait time required.