It Works ! - Sony UBP-X1000ES HDMI "Audio" output to Chinese I2S Adapter Board to DS Sr. I2S Input

Thanks, man. Just got everything running this morning. So nice not to have a “kludgefest” behind the player including that oversized switching chrome box switching power supply.

Final wiring shown below (forgot a GND wire - yet it still worked :joy:). Added the GND wire (not shown) from the Adapter board to Chassis.

And here’s the old Sony DAC DSD256 capable but no where near the sound quality of the DirectStream Sr. DAC.


Thanks for the encouragement. I just bought the box. We shall see how it all works. Just look for the DSD signal on my SGCD display?


You bet Mike.

I think you mentioned yours is a Sony UBP-X800 ? If so, make sure it’s HDMI is set to “Auto”. Use HDMI Out #2 into you HDMI Video to I2S adapter. Then another HDMI cable from the I2S out into your SGCD’s I2S input. Make sure that the 3 position switch on the Adapter Board is not set in the “TV” position or center position of the switch. When you want to use your SOny player to watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, change the HDMI setting for :“Auto” to “HDMI 1”. Just remember to set it back to “Auto” the next time you play a disc.

Thanks. Fingers crossed. If it doesn’t work, I’m not out that much.


I will be curious to see if it can successfully strip the DSD signal from an old Oppo DVD player I have lying around as well. For $50 it’s worth experimenting.

It should work Mike. Did you order a 5VDC power supply/wall wart for it. This one from Amazon will work and it’s cheap.

[12VDC/8A Power Supply](JOVNO 5V Power Supply Adapter DC 5volt 8A 40W Power Converter 100-240V AC to DC 5V 8 Amp 7.5A 7A 6.5A 6A Transformer LED Driver 5.5x2.5mm Tip for WS2812B WS2811 SK6812 LED Pixel Strip USB-HUB by JOVNO Learn more:

I collect adapters but I’ll check. I already got a delay email so this isn’t a rush. Thanks for the hand-holding. I’m a babe in the woods here.

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i have a sony ubp-x1000es. will i get dsd out on spdif on this box ?

i am going to use, rme adi-2 dac fs

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No. DSD will only work using the HDMI 2 out of the Sony going into to HDMI IN of the Chinese adapter board (the one you listed). Then connect the HDMI I2S Out of the adapter board to the I2S input of your DAC.

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if i connect from i2s(first box)to this board(pic)what signal will i get out of the bnc/spdif ?

BNC/S/PDIF is always PCM.

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I bought one of these HDMI → I2s boxes to use between my Oppo 205 and a DS DAC that I’m receiving tomorrow. I went ahead and hooked up the box and the Oppo today and I am grateful to say that when on the ‘TV’ setting, it passes lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS-X to my SSP… Took me a little while to figure things out. As it turned out, I had CEC disabled in the Oppo (no surprise as I HATE CEC). As soon as I toggled it on (I choose limited), it was able to communicate with my Anthem SSP and send out the lossless codecs. Before I did this, the lossless codecs were being blocked and I was getting lossy, compressed codecs. Very happy that I figured this out.

Anxious to hear thing tomorrow when I add in the DSD. The Oppo DAC is anemic to say the least. It became much better after I added an LPS but I still hear excess bloat compared to my vinyl setup.

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That’s awesome. For me, it’s the boards ability to bypass the copy protection and pass the 96/24 PCM Stereo (I2S) from BluRay’s into the DSSr. Or else it defaults to 48/16 (S/PDIF) via Coax.

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Well the converter works great for DSD64 (SACDs) from my Oppo 205. Display on the DS confirms that it’s receiving DSD. So that is beautiful thing but also where it all ends. I wish I read the thread posted earlier in this thread before purchasing. I spent like 20 minutes tracking down my cables and connections to try and figure out why the channels were reversed. It’s the box. Also, I now know why CDs sound horrific through the box. I guess pre-emphasis is being activated within the DS. So the only use for the box is to listen to SACDs with the channels reversed. :smiley: Think I’ll just return it and maybe it’ll motivate me to buy a streamer and rip all of my media sooner than later. Kind of a bummer.

Well that hasn’t been my experience and yes, you need to solder the ribbon cable to the blue board in order to reverse the channel. For CD’s or anything PCM, the “reversed” I2S is excellent (not reversed when you play CD’s/Hi bitrate PCM). It’s indistinguishable from the optical and S/PDIF inputs to my ears.

Sorry it didn’t work for you. My experience is the total opposite.

I have 2 HDMI/MHL to I2S boxes: the cheaper one from Audiophonics in France
the board inside the box mentions HDA20012 TXC1. Native DSD via I2S works with Cambridge CXU, but the board cannot input native DSD and output DOP64 via COAX or Toslink. With my Musician Pegasus DAC the DSD L/R channels over I2S are swapped compared to PCM over I2S.

The other box is more expensive, costs about EUR 100,–.
HDMI/MHL Digital Interface Audio I2S/DSD/Optical/Coaxial HDMI to I2S IIS #TOP | eBay

the board inside this box mentions HDA20027 TXC1 pro.
Native DSD via I2S works with Cambridge CXU, and there is now DSD sound/audio on coax and toslink. With my Musician Pegasus DAC the PCM and DSD L/R channels over I2S are correct.

Thanks to linger63 on for pointing out that such a box exists.

Audiophonics shows this one.

If so, they are both the same box and reverse the L & R DSD Channels. It will never reverse the PCM channels. I have checked this numerous times with the Coax, Optical, AES/EBU inputs. The only way to get correct L & R DSD outputs is with this board that’s been mentioned numerous times by myself and others:

It comes with a ribbon cable that you cut in half, plug one end into either of the I2S white header connector on either of the boxes you bought (both boxes behave the same - “trust me”). Then you solder the pins based on the following pinouts :

You no longer need the extra board and ribbon cable to get the channels reversed. See my post at I2S output board for my Oppo 203 vs Bridge II ethernet for sound quality? - #55 by mscardina.

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I didn’t even notice it on my my new board ! That’s so cool. Thx @mscardina