It's that time of year again...


The first of the seasonal scattered to severe thunderstorms is set for tonight. Much as I hate to do it I unplugged my gear and will wait until tomorrow to plug it back in.45_gif




No problems this time around. Severe thunderstorms between 1 and 2:30 in the morning, but no hail (thankfully… my car is usually outside!) and no tornado (there was actually a tornado watch, something we hardly ever get around heresurprised-011_gif). No power loss this time, but better safe than sorry.


I lost my cable modem, router, one cable box and one TV last week. Luckily the DS and server were spared.


Is there any best way to shut down the system? Is it ok if I shut my P5 down in the back and then pull the plug?


That’s what I would do. Fortunately my power lines are underground, which reduces, but does not eliminate, the risks.


The monsoon season is not far off with a lot of severe electrical storms. Even though my system is grounded with copper re-bar 7 meters deep I lunge for the breaker when the lightning flashes suddenly appear.


Your best bet is to disconnect your system at the wall and yank the ethernet as well. Unfortunately, even open circuit breakers won’t stop a determined lightning strike.