Do you unplug during electrical storms?

Wow! We just had one of those huge thunderclaps with no delay to the lightening. Now there are maniacal fire trucks racing somewhere.
I unplugged my system.
Do you do the same?

Unplugged with major storms, or away for an extended period of time. I also unplug with service interruptions, as restoration and/or brownouts can destroy electronics.

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Drive fast and take chances… system blows we start over with insurance $$ and a bigger budget… :slight_smile: Great being an audiophile equipment whore… gimmie a reason… do you feel lucky weather… save all your receipts. I made sure I have an insurance rider… :slight_smile:


I love electrical storms. This one is a hoot!

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@RonP - Buckle up sunshine! ass, gas, or grass… no one rides for free…:slight_smile: for all my 420 fans… hey, speed up the PC police just hit the lights…

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Always unplug my system when electrical storms come close. Prevention is better than cure, THIS experience once pushed me to face the facts :zap:

Shut everything down and unplugged and 5 minutes later power went out for a few hours.
Came back and there’s no traces on the scope screens of the P20; those screens are blank except for the “zero” horizontal line. All else seems ok. Status screen looks normal. Weird though. Powered off and on again and same issue. Any ideas???

Lightening can enter the system thru any connected wire. TV or Satellite cable, Internet cable, ground wire, network cable, TV or radio antenna (external), phone cable, etc… There is really no place to hide whether plugged into the 120v/240v grid or not. Could have been a nearby srike that found its way into your home. :worried: