P10 saved my gear

Frightening moment today …

struck by lightning out of the blue with a very107_gifbang, fireball in the street and a loud click produced by the P10 which immediately shutdown itself and all of my gear doh_gif

assumed the fuse would be broken but decided to try anyway…checked power on the outlet and turned on my P10…green lights happy-048_gif

successively eliminated all other devices incl. my Martin Logan’s and the music was back respect-047_gif

Yike. I am pleased to learn everything is OK.

My house was struck by lightening around six or so years ago. It blew a hole in my roof and I lost a good amount of electronics. it is a memorable experience.

Wow, Elk, that’s scary. I must say that as good as the P10 is at protecting equipment, few things survive a direct lightning strike. Even a P10 would likely not make it, though it’s possible it would sacrifice itself. The energy in a lightning strike is hard to imagine.

It’s great that the equipment survived (for wijber anyway). Even better that the people did too! Our power lines are buried, which helps but is no guarantee.

Our power lines are buried too and fortunately it was not a direct impact on my house. Could have been worse, my neighbor has beaten the meter of the wall… In any case, it was an experience I never hope to experience again.

stevem2 said Our power lines are buried, which helps but is no guarantee.
Mine are buried as well and I am the only one on the transformer (our houses are far enough apart that this makes sense). The lightning hit the roof immediately above the main panel. It was apparently the easiest path to ground.

As Paul mentions, the energy is absolutely incredible - which you can sense, even though the vast bulk of it went instantly into the ground.

That must have been frightening. Too bad all that energy can’t be harnessed. I’m hoping the building next door, which is taller (and much uglier) than our house, takes the hit if it gets that close. devil_gif

One would think lightening would prefer the taller object, but I live deep in the woods surrounded by massive mature trees much taller than the house. The house also faces my bluff which is a good 100’ taller yet, with even more big trees. Apparently oaks, and white and red pines are not as well grounded as my house.

As a bit of electrical trivia, lightening actually starts from the earth and travels upward. Very cool.