Japanese Domestic Market products. Anyone’s tried this Denon?

Came across this review of this monster integrated Demon amp only sold in Japan. It seriously looks amazing to me and way better than anything Denon exports to North America.

Has anyone purchased any local Japanese products like this? The build, feature, sound and everything looks epic!


Back in the mid 80’
I has this Denon poa 2200…200 rms x2
8 10,000 mfd caps power supply…wonderful amp had it many years…replaced by Parasound A21

Denon offered this poa 3000 amp qite a beautiful piece.

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While I have not heard the PMA SX11

I have auditioned the POA 3000 very impressive and it was side by side ARC gear…and more than held
it’s own… Wish I could have gotten it instead of POA 2200…but 2200 very nice…

From the Denon Columbia database…


Here’s a summary of Japan Audio Excellence Award winners 2020! https://youtu.be/cAQtGnYkxMc

I used to live in Tokyo as a child and last visited in 2017, and spent TWO DAYS in Akihabara, it’s heaven for geeks, audiophiles and anyone interested in electronics! They truly appreciate high quality craftsmanship and technology!

Growing up, Japanese HiFi products got me into this hobby. My dad brought with himself a full set of Sansui Amp, pre-amp, Tuner from Japan directly, and then later one we had a gold Accuphase integrated Amp that was a BEAST! Their higher end products are absolutely amazing. Unfortunately we typically do not get any of their higher end products up here!

This is a great built quality and great looking amplifier.

I like the review this person did, exactly what I like to see and hear. Maybe some words about the balanced design, other than that just with both feet on the ground attitude.

Thank you for sharing.

I like Japan, have been once to Tokio, Yokohama, Kioto and Osaka (Airport). Great experience, good memories.

Amazing stairs with built in color LED‘s to the roof of Kioto train station. You don’t get the sende of shear size of these ginormous stairs and consequently the display. It stretches over full story levels.

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Lovely place, MUST be on the bucket list of everyone, specially if you appreciate good food, technology and craftsmanship. I just LOVE their attention to detail to almost everything they do, from building designs, to their washlet toilets and other technology, and to even HOW they cook their food with such meticulous precision!

I love the hospitality of my Japanese colleagues. Also Japanese are polite but direct, no second guessing needed in the conversations. I like that.

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If you liked that review, this video of his for comparison shopping of his next integrated amps (ended up being the Denon) is awesome, some nice gear he was looking at and how the topology and build quality differs within the same price range. Put some of them on my list!

I would buy two of these in a heartbeat if they were available in Europe…
Fully balanced, stereo… Ideal for bi-amping.


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Agreed. I also think how they’ve built them and the way the chassis is isolating pre-amp from amp section including separate power supply, plus a very highly regarded phono stage, really negates the need of separates.