Jay's Audio Transport or Innuos Zen for most accurate digital reproduction

I wasn’t sure where to exactly ask this question so I thought I’d give it a shot here before asking over in transports.

If my goal is to get the closest sound to match DSD / SACD would a Jay’s transport or Zen streamer over I2S work best? I used the 2 names above as that’s the budget I’m considering and they both have I2S outs. I’m also assuming given their reputations they may just well be able to match the sound of a DSD or SACD.

Thanks in advance.

The Innuos components output USB and Ethernet, not I2S. Innuos has a broad product rage (from 1k to over 10k), which all vary in sound quality. But all can stream DSD files to a compatible DAC.

Jay’s transports read red book (CD) format only.

To understand better: What do you want to achieve?

Today a friend ripped a favorite Redbook CD to files. He put the files on a Grimm MU1. Then he put the CD into his $35K MBL 1621A CD transport. Had both connected to his MBL DAC. Switching back and forth he said the MBL Transport destroyed the sound from the Grimm MU1. I love my Grimm MU1 but I have a Gryphon Ethos Transport/DAC on order. I hope the Gryphon isn’t to far behind the MBL 1621A. The Gryphon cost more but I think having heard the 1621A that might be a stretch.

This doesn’t help in your current situation but I love listening to my now unneeded Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3. For what it costs it is a very nice piece to own.

I’m looking to replicate the quality of my Oppo that’s fitted to output I2S. Obviously streaming is preferred due to the nearly unlimited selections but I’m also finding it easier to buy redbooks over SACDs today. I hear rave reviews about Jays transport but before I invest in a high quality transport I was considering a steamer like innous ZEN Mk3 which is comparable to Jays latest transport.

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I stand corrected on the output. To clarify when I say stream I don’t mean ripped CDs but from a service like Tidal. Thank you.

Bumping for ideas / opinions

I have just recently compared the Jays CDT 2 Mk III to the output of the Auralic Aries G1, which would be comparable to the Innuos, using Redbook CD’s and the same album in Hi Res from Qobuz into both the Holo May KTE and the Aqua La Voce S3. With both DACs in both systems the sound from the Jays was better than the stream. As I find the sound quality from Qobuz to be better than Tidal I did not use it in the comparison even though I have it also. Intended to have already made the same comparisons using the Pro-ject CD Box RS2 T, which has the same Stream Unlimited transport and servo system as Al’s Gryphon, but have been unable to locate one new to purchase. Earliest delivery dates seem to start at the end of May but Pro-ject has already missed one delivery date to the dealers last week.

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Interesting. I use Tidal over Qobuz but am finding their Master (MQA) tracks aren’t being recognized by my SGCD. I will say my Oppo 103 sounds way better thru my SGCD than my Uniti Atom into the bypass.

I heard tonight that the manufacturer of the drive mechanism in the Ethos and MBL 1621A was purchased by another company and they stopped all production four years ago. Apparently if you buy a drive on ebay or if you buy a transport from a company at a lower price the drive is most likely a knockoff from China. Some companies invested in a large inventory and they can still produce gear with the real thing. I hope it isn’t true but I heard from a reputable source that it is. So now companies have to make their own drive from scratch or chose a mechanism from another manufacturer.
Somebody decided the CD is dead and moved on.

I picked up my Jay’s Audio transport today and I am going to give it to my little brother along with a DSD Jr. I purchased here. I’m going to give him a Revelation Audio Labs HDMI cable with it as I have two I have no use for now that the AQ Dragon has been proven the champion. He’ll like it I suppose.