RIP Randy Meisner

Founding member of the Eagles RIP


I just read this a few hours ago. COPD is nothing to take lightly.

He and Bernie Leadon were by far my favorite members of the original lineup. I sorely missed Leadon’s influence on the band following One of These Nights, and Meisner’s following Hotel California. Both probably should have realized from the beginning that they were never going to be more than sidemen in the Henley/Frey machine. Rest in peace, Randy.

“Try And Love Again” will always be one of my all-time favorite songs.



Another great member of Eagles passed away. RIP Randy!

I guess he finally found his “limit”.

“One of these nights” is way up there on my favorite albums list. I remember the first time I heard it at one of my friends house. His older brother was playing it. I was immediately drawn to it.

He was also the same person who introduced me to Frampton Comes Alive. He was really cool. Unfortunately he died in Desert Storm.


It’s usually the case that I fail to know much of any substance about the people behind the music that means so much to me until they pass. Shame on me. With seemingly few exceptions their stories, at least the public parts, seem to be of synergy and discord.
I came to know the Eagles music with the 71-75 greatest hits album. It was one of those few albums I can name that shaped what was to become such an important part of my life. Until now I didn’t know a reason for that was is part, perhaps primarily, the synergy Leadon and Meisner brought to the group. Unless very public, the discord, and the price paid by the artists to follow their passions isn’t so obvious.
Rest in peace Randy. It seems to mean so much more now.

Meisner was a great bassist, too. The opening of “One of These Nights” is a treat, and he goes wild in the fast second part of “Outlaw Man” from Desperado. There’s a video of an old live performance of that song in Amsterdam, I think, that’s fun to watch for his bass work. It pops up on YouTube from time to time before being taken down, maybe for copyright problems.