JPLAY 6 Beta 8c


Those familiar with JPLAY and haven’t tried out the new JPLAY engine I recommend you do. I’m hearing lots more from my DS than before, I’m amazed and very excited and had to share :-)

This feature below I suspect has put JPLAY on another level

  • Fully DAC-driven asynchronous playback for all playback Engines: PC clock not used anymore thanks to new “DAC Link” feature!

My system

Intel I5 NUC housed in a silent case no fans - Single PC mode PPAv-4 - USB out - Win server 2012R2 in core mode with Audiophile Optimiser and Jplay - PS Audio Directstream drives my Amps

I’m a fan of Pikes Peak



Agreed, although Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible audio architecture. Apparently linux doesn’t have this kind of issues…

PC and Mac OS are, oddly enough, designed for overall useability and ease of use - not enthusiast audio. I know, it is weird; everyone knows a computer is first of all a high-end audio platform, right?

Linux of course can be configured however the user prefers. It is not that Linux does not have these issues per se, but that Linux is not the same kind of turn-key package. It is a bit like building a kit car and choosing every component, v. buying a Honda.

Thanks for the heads up, Johno!

Hi Guys,

JPLAY 6.1 has been released recently with support for TIDAL

What’s new:

  • JPLAYStreamer now supports TIDAL! (currently only in combination with BubbleDS Next or BubbleUPnP on Android!)
  • JPLAYStreamer adds support for Pause & Seek functionality
  • New parameter: XtreamMode: Some older drivers which worked with v5 do not work with v6. Setting XtreamMode to 1 will use ‘old’ behaviour from v5
  • New parameter XtreamBuffer: Set #samples Xtream uses in a packet. For example, if you used DirectLink in v5 set it to 1.
  • Overall better SQ

More info and free trial available on our website


Welcome, Marcin!

I am anxious to try JPLAY and will, when I get the time. Is there support for Win 8.1 or 10 at this point?

Yes, both W8.1 & W10 work :)


NEW RELEASE: JPLAY 6.2 available now!

What’s new:

  • JPLAYStreamer now supports Qobuz Hi-Fi streaming! (via Bubble DS Next on Android)
  • JPLAYStreamer now supports Internet radio stations! (in MinimServer make an m3u file, foobar works as-is)
  • Increased JPLAYStreamer reliability and faster loading for some who experienced slow startup
  • Both Official & Alternative versions updated to latest compiler (SQ effective change)