Jriver stupid question


I tried to find the answer but couldn’t so here goes: If I install Jriver on my Mac point it at my NAS that has my music and Twonkey on it will I get the Bridge to do gapless???


The short answer is No.

The long answer is: you will once WaveStream is released and you are able to ‘play’ your music on the computer and stream the output to the Bridge.



So the short short answer is probably never :slight_smile:


That is a rather negative attitude, but it HAS been a year since we were first introduced to WaveStream and told Real Soon Now!



What should be done from the start was to build the Linn Extensions into the uPnP in order to achieve gapless playback.

By these means, the playlist would be pushed to the renderer (Bridge) and the next track preloaded before now playing is concluded.

The control point doesn’t need to be alive for this to happen.

The software is open source.

I expect that this method was investigated by PSA and they found out that the Bridge RAM size was insuffient to support this. Then they tried the EMM direction.