Gapless on Bridge with JRiver


Can someone look into this:

Used by Lumin to enable Gapless with JRiver.

Could it be adopted by the Bridge prior to the final AVB version to also support it via the uPNP side of it?

Or maybe it is the EMM control point that have to support it (from looking very brief at it)?



I have been looking too.

Although, both the PC and Mac writers should already know a lot more than me about these things, one never knows when shining an extra light can help.


here is another comment on it’s use.

I did come across a lot of products that are used to stream mics or midi instruments via ethernet.

perhaps elk knows about some of these?


Unfortunately, only a bit. The only remotes I have used are wireless microphones which have their own protocol. I have played with some USB mics. They work like any other USB device.


Dante [Australia] does it but not with upnp/dlna so you need their hardware at each end. That’s the way it would probably work best but limits the use to PSA equipment. Linn does it so why not?

Also I read that in MAC Mountain Lion there is a VSC type of software for use with Airplay So probably with a Mac and Airport express and/or Apple-tv there is a way to output but only wireless as far as I know.

There is certainly more chatter about this topic out there but it all seems to be proprietary. It makes sense for supporting updates and bulletproof operation.