JRiver Upgrade

I am not sure if this is in the correct category, but I am thinking of upgrading JRiver from version 20 to version 24. I have some questions for those of you that have gone thru a JRiver upgrade.

  1. When the upgrade is completed, do the settings remain the same? I would hate to go through changing the myriad of settings again and trying to get them correct.
  2. Does the new version (or version 23) look the same? Is there a learning curve getting used to the new version?
  3. How long does the upgrade process take?

Thanks for taking time to reply to this.

I upgrade every year so my results might not match yours. I started with 17 and am now on 23. I’ve already purchased the license for 24 and will install when it comes out.

  1. My settings are always retained. Make a backup before you start.
  2. The overall look strays very consistent. Some like that (me) others may not.
  3. Minutes.

Go to the JRiver site and post your question there. They may want you to take the upgrade in smaller version jumps. Good luck!

My experience is similar to deanhorn, but not quite the same - as I’ve upgraded over the years random (small) settings change when I’m not looking. Because I’m paranoid I always check the few settings I really care about (e.g. the 2 or 3 that keep JRiver MC from ever writing to my files.)
But I agree with deanhorn that the over look, feel and operation is pretty consistent over time.
I’d definitely take MC 23 over MC 20. Unless I went into a time warp, 24 is still early and so probably has more bugs than 23 (but buying 24 lets you use 23 as long as you want.)

Ted, I’m using JR 21, is there any audible benefit to going to 23?

I’ll pass on the audible benefit question except to report that my recall of reading their forums is that the audio quality has gone downhill with the focus on other non audio features (look at the list of new MC 24 features…)

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FYI, MC has an audio only switch that allows all other features to be shut off. I have no idea if it makes an audible difference or not but do have it engaged. I only use MC for audio.

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Hi! I’ve used MC 22 for a long time but then moved to Roon. However I’ve never realized there’s such “shut off” option. Where/how do I set it?
Thanks in advance.

View>Audio Only Mode

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You can also go to [options][general][features] and uncheck things

[Edit - I used less than and greater thans, Duh]