Just ordered Elac Adante center channel

I haven’t seen much info or impressions of the elac adante center speaker, but I was suggesting a friend to get elacs to use with the new sprout100 he just ordered. He owns an entry level elac but I’m trying to get him to spring for the adante bookshelves (which he probably won’t). While researching, He noticed an on line retailer had an open customer return at a fantastic price, and I couldn’t resist.

I’m a huge fan of Andrew Jones, own the TAD CR1’S and got to spend several days with him.

I don’t use the CR1’S for home theater, as I like to maintain separate systems in the American room, except for sharing one of the subs- which has Separate inputs for HT and stereo.

I’ll post some impressions once I get them and will even try hooking my Emotiva surround pre to the BHK’s /TAD’s to have an all concentric driver home theater for the front 3 channels.