Just Picked Up A PARC


This was my first attempt.

Response is 1/3 rd octave.

I will need to increase the bass level by 1- 2 db.

The dip around 200 Hz is the crossover point between the mid bass horn and the powered sub bass.

I will probably move that crossover point up a bit, but if I remove the dip the mid bass starts to muddy up.

Its finally time to add some further insight regarding freq response and its affects on “palpability”. ( the latest descriptive term )

The response shot labeled as “Flat” is as smooth a response as I have been able to obtain in the 200 Hz to 400 Hz area.

But that is exactly how it sounds, flat and lifeless.

Increasing by 1.5 too 2 dB at 300 Hz ads life to the music, this is a plain as night and day!

The freq response shot labeled “Alive” shows that increase along with a 1 dB decrease in the bass level.

Jim Smith mentions this in his book “Get Better Sound” Tip #44 with regards to the critical region between 192 Hz and 384 Hz.

While the text states that flat or slightly elevated peak in this region is desirable, my system only sounds its best with a peak.

The colors of the left and right channels are reversed in each response shot, just in case you notice.FLAT_JPEG.jpgALIVE_JPEG.jpg

Differences in this critical region between our systems may help to explain why some people prefer one firmware upgrade to another, or can’t hear any difference at all.