Kef reference 1 or Dynaudio Confidence 20?

I currently enjoy my Kef reference 1 and am curious about the Dynaudio Confidence 20. Have Bhk pre and the Bhk 250. Medium to smaller room . Acoustically treated quite well. Any insights or suggestions would be nice. I’m just worried that this may be a lateral move and another waste of our audiophile money!

Don’t know anything about the Dynaudio; however, I do own the KEF Reference 1’s. I also own the matching stands. Filled each stand with 35lbs of steel shot ( about 70% full) and installed Isoacoustics Gaia feet. Really nice improvement. If you own the stands, consider filling them with steel shot:


Dynaudio Confidence 20 actually comes with dedicated stands which works actually as bass-reflex extension. I haven’t had chance to hear Confidence20 yet, however i am supper happy with Confidence 2 and before Contour and other Dyn models.

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I prefer the Dynaudio’s. I feel the KEF is too in your face and too harsh. You really have to listen though. Speakers/headphones are the most personal thing. It is not like recommending a good power conditioner. It is 90% of the sound you get. What I like does not mean you will. Especially at that much money. If you want to spend more, something like Joseph Pulsar 2 rings my bell. Again, not necessarily for you. Now you are talking some money so I would really want free home audition. Anything at this level, you will need acoustic treatment. I find monitors this good may or may not need a sub too.

I would go with Dynaudio and I am familiar with different Kef models too, as my local dealer sells them a lot. Recently we had Dynaudio show,their sales rep was there, and Confidence 20 and 30 were for listen with top end McIntosh gear. Very nice sound,not the most intimate ,but laid back and easy and fun to listen. Treble was pretty special,like honey. Zero aggressiviness,that may be a minus for some. A few listeners I talked to preferred Kef …so it is always a matter of taste.

I liked stand mounted Confidence 20 better than twice the money 30…