New Speakers: Dynaudio Stand Mounts

Confidence 20s, Heritage Specials, or Contour 20s? Is the step up worth it? I have BHK amp and preamp, and a DS DAC Jr.

outside shot: Monitor Audio PL100iis.

I own Contour 20 (not the new 20i) with the dedicated Dynaudio stands that get bolted to the speaker and filled them 2/3rds with sand. I am driving them with Meridian 857 reference (500wpc into 4 ohms). They’re great in every respect. I would not go for Heritage, and limit my choice to Confidence and Contour series. Last October, I was an inch from getting Confidence 30, but we bought a new property, and you know the rest! Confidence speakers are less fussy with placement because they’re ported direct to the floor below them. Also, they design them with minimal high frequency deflection from ceiling, walls and floor, which increases accuracy, and reduces the need for room treatment. Owners of Contour speakers do not have this privilege.


When I listen to Dynaudio stand mount speakers I always think it couldn’t get any better than this. When I see that it can get better I think who cares, this is great right where it is. I think Dynaudio is a great choice. I never enjoyed Monitor Audio as much but I haven’t heard many.


Actually you’ve ordered the Dyn speakers already from best to less-than-best - but still excellent speaker.
If budget allows i’d go for CF20 with their stands and this would be probably the end game at least for next 10+ years :slight_smile:

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Confidence 20 is twice the cost of Contour 20i and it’s worth it!


Dyn is personally one of my top two speakers all time. I have had Contour, C1s, Forty’s and a bunch in between. My last was Confidence 30s and they were amazing at what they did. Go for those 20’s, you will be very happy…

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Agree with others - Dynaudio over Monitor Audio on sound quality (IMO, ymmv). As to which Dyn, personal preference, but note that some (likely most) can be quite a difficult load to drive so factor that in.

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Thanks everyone. I may just get the Confidence 20s and be done with it.

I do not care for the look of the Heritage Specials, but the tweeter and driver are the best of the best and saves $5k - $6k. I will try to hear both. Just live in an area that does not have much to offer.

As for the MAs. I owned the PL200s (version 1s). My only complaint was the ribbon tweeter showed glare at high volumes. It was a beautiful speaker, fast and detailed. I really liked it and held it for 5 years which is a very long time for me. I understand the new tweeter is an improvement.

Nonetheless, I always loved Dynaudio especially with Simaudio. I will give my PS Audio equipment a chance before making any switch.


Serhan, I am wondering why you say to forgo the Heritage Specials. Admittedly, I have not heard them, and as I said below, I like the look of the Contour and Confidence lines better. With that said, the more I read, the more appealing the HSs look.

The HSs have the Esotar 3 tweeter from the Confidence series and woofer from the discontinued Evidence Platinum, which I believe retailed for around $100K. The crossover has high-end parts, Mundorf Evo Oil capacitors, etc. Even the binder posts are WBT 0710-Cu NextGens. With the exception of the cabinets, the parts seem to be on par with the Confidence.

Everything comes down to personal tastes, but I am wondering how the Contour could sound better? I am guessing the HSs give up some on bass, but I use a sub. Seems like you almost get Confidence quality at only $2K more than the Contour ($5 less than the Confidence). One reviewer said he liked the HSs over the Confidence. But I think that is the exception.

My research tells me that I need to make the drive and listen to the 3, but I am interested in your thoughts.

Thanks for the help.

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Were I looking at two-way standmounters in this price range, I’d really want to hear the competition, if feasable. ProAc K1, KEF Ref1, Spendor, Harbeth, etc. But I may be revealing my bias for British monitors.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And I’m just talking speculatively rather than from having heard any of them, so feel free to ignore. Not meaning to muddy the waters if you’re happy with Dyns.

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Hi @tabascocat1994
Cabinet and baffle designs do matter and this why my preferred stand mounters are heavier. Also, Confidence 20 comes with a bespoke stand that is specially ported for bass reflex. However, the key determinant is the listener themselves, their choice of music, their space, and their system. Best wishes for a happy new year.

Thanks, Serhan. I had the chance to listen to the lineup. I agree with you and decided on the Confidence 20s. I loved the Heritage Specials’ sound (and walnut finish), but could not get past the boxy “retro” looks. The tweeter is the same in both and is what sold me over the Contour 20s. The Contour 20s are a hell of a speaker, but the tweeter lacks the openness and fullness of the Esotar3. Probably never would have known but I heard them back-to-back. It sounds like the difference between my BHK250 running thru my DSJr versus interjecting my BHK preamp.

Hopefully, these will outlive me. No more upgrades. The dealer cut me a break and it was proportionally better on the Confidence 20s than Heritage Specials. Still an obnoxious amount of money–MSRP is more than my first new car, a barebones 1991 Jeep Wrangler. It had two options: carpet and AC.


All are probably wonderful speakers. However, like my last pair of speakers, English MA Platinums, the tweeters kill me. I have (overly) sensitive ears. I targeted Dynaudios, because they may be the least fatiguing speakers that I have ever heard.

Great choice! I hope you enjoy them to the last drop.

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Interesting. Though I guess I’d have agreed with that about KEFs up until the recent Meta changes. They always made me want to run away at shows. Have not had that experience with the Harbys I have, though the 30’s I have heard can lean that way.

Well, that’s why they make lots of speakers. Lucky us!:+1:t3:

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Trust me speakers that are not bright to others are bright to me. I love the detail and resolution, but they wear on me. (And the volume that I typically listen to, likely does not help.)

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I generally have the same experience. 80% of the speakers I hear seem hyped on top to me.