Kevin Gray’s all tube Kirstin Edkins 176k now available

just wanted to let people know that Cohearent Records first recording is finally available in digital hi res download. All tube studio and cutting lathe - the digital version sounds great - I don’t own the LP.

It’s available for a great price on Qobuz. I haven’t seen it on HDtracks yet.

Highly recommended.


I bought the LP at The In Groove. Mike keeps a good of them and yes, while I am still prefer being a Digital Man instead of an Analog Kid. Kevin Gray once again reminds us how good Vinyl can be when done properly. Nice that there’s a Digital version but no DSD (?).

This release reminds me of most Octave releases. That is, I have little to no idea about the artist, and just respect the people and processes behind the scenes. Lucky artists!

Qobuz shows the 176/24, but Roon only shows the 44.1/24. Not the first time I’ve noticed such a missing “versions” tab within Roon.

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Got mine today via Qobuz. Sounds great.

I did as well. I didn’t know anything about Kirstin Elkins but I was intrigued by Kevin’s all-analog chain. I was not disappointed by either the artist or Kevin’s production. I hope it translates well to the digital domain. If it sounds half as good as the vinyl, then the vinyl will still sound twice as good :joy: (sorry - early G&Ts this afternoon…)

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I also played the digital one today…sounds pretty good, just definitely not as good as the vinyl.

But it’s not a night and day difference like comparing another AAA recording…an Analogue Productions (AP) UHQR LP with the AP digital release of the same mastering (e.g. Steely Dan). If you compare this, you drop dead about the loss on the SACD.

The best about the Edkons is, it’s surprisingly good music.

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Agreed. At this point, I’m prepared to buy anything KG produces in this manner sight(?) unseen.

Yes, I just hope his next mastering has a bit more bite and extension. I found the sound just a little soft in the top end. But in general this tube chain is magic.

Did you play the streaming flac or locally? Will PM you.

Local AIF.

I came across this album this earlier afternoon when checking out the new releases on Qobuz. Knew nothing about the album or Ms. Edkins but gave it a listen and quite enjoyed the entire album. Funny to then come across this thread. In any case, it’s a very good jazz album.

Isn’t this a great collage?
Didn’t see the interview yet.