Kinki Studio EX-B7 Monoblock Amplifier

Does anyone have any experience with the Kinki Studio EX-B7 Monoblocks? I’veI been considering upgrading from my PS audio M-700’s. The rest of my system is all PS audio including a BHK preamp, Direct Stream Jr., P12 regenerator with a Perfectwave transport and a VPI Prime turntable with a Sutherland phono stage. My speakers are Vandersteen Treo CT’s. I’m not sure if I should go with the new M1200’s or look for an alternative.

I have the new M7 as well as a couple of the integrated amps. Great build quality and sound. Srajen’s reviews of the Kinki Studio gear is pretty spot on as to what to expect as is Dawid’s.

Thank you for the links. They seem like good amps and they are class AB instead of Class D. I’m still thinking about it since I do like the M700’s. They seem to be an interesting option to the M1200’s.

Look no further as I am selling my M1200’s here on the Forum Marketplace.
Here’s my ad:
Bought Factory Direct in July 2020 so remainder of warranty will go with them to 2nd owner.
I LOVE these amps and would NEVER ( I repeat NEVER) be selling these if it wasn’t for the fact that I stumbled upon Dealer Demo pair of CLASS “A” mono amps that I have always wanted but couldn’t afford.
ALL factory boxes, manuals, etc. are included
$4,950. O.B.O. for the pair and I will pay for cont. USA insured shipping only.
Thanks for looking.
Tom - NJ

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