Hi All!

As Elyric is no longer supported under IOS8 (the pwd cannot be chosen anymore as a player) I tried to use Kinsky but I continue to run into the problem, that the playlist stops after the first song and I never succeeded to make a whole album play from first to last song. I use PWD MkII, Netgear Ready NAS 314 and so far Elyric as frontend. Can anybody help?

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When I first got involved with digital audio (~3 years ago), I used Kinsky on my iPad and liked it reasonably well. At some point Linn made a change so that Kinsky, as I understand it, now requires an OpenHome renderer to function correctly. (OpenHome is a set of extensions to the UPnP spec created by Linn.) And indeed I cannot now get Kinsky to work properly. So you probably need to find an alternative. Right now the best player I have on iOS is probably mconnect. If you have access to an android device, BubbleUPnP is the best player I have used; unfortunately they don’t do iOS.


Yes mconnect (HD) is the best I’ve found but can’t say I like it, it’s missing a lot of features IMHO. For me it is stable however.


eLyric is also getting old as a server (talking about the computer software, not the iDevice control app of the same name). If you don’t want to go to something like JRiver Music Center and the JRemote controller app (which is one of the best), you might try minimserver with mcconnectHD. Minimserver is available for Windows PS and Macs and can be installed on many NAS drives directly so you can cut out the computer.


I’ve been giving Minimserver a go at the advice of Dennis K. Really responsive with mconnect. I’m still comparing sound quality vs EMM but EMM is no longer reliable in accessing all my files. I get a lot of “Too many files unavailable” messages in mconnect when I try to access a significant number of tunes. No problems yet with Minimserver. Just make sure that Java is up to date if you install it.


I should also have mentioned that I agree completely with rogerdn. Mconnect works well enough but I’m not a big fan of the interface. As magister said, if android is an option BubbleUPnP is a good app.