Linn Kinsky app running PWD

I can get Linn’s Kinsky app to run my PWD via MinimServer, but when I que up an entire album, Kinsky will only play one song even though all tracks are loaded onto the screen. Doing this with iPhone4S iOS7. What am I doing incorrectly that a whole album will not play? thxs.

I just went with 8player and ponied up the $4.99 for it. Haven’t been disappointed so far. I tried to get Kinsky to autoplay through a playlist and was met with failure.

I made similar experiences. Kinsky only plays one song and stops after that. I tried several UPnP Player and ended up with 8player. Works great so far, although I don’t like the design of 8player…btw I ran a Synology NAS with minim server.

PlugPlayer also works great

Running WD NAS w/ Twonky also suffers from the “play only one song” problem if you point JRiver directly at the DLNA library. I switched back to “main library” (mapped drive on local machine to the NAS) due to this problem. I think this is a Twonky problem but I didn’t run it down to root cause. Interesting that you are having a similar problem with minimserver.

Linn has their own UPnP extensions that the PWD does not support. I suspect you’d do better with a standard UPnP app.

@dcglinc1a: I know that other MinimServer users, including Simon (the developer) like Kinsky – so you might ask in the MinimServer forum. (I run a Synology NAS with MinimServer also, and use Kinsky as my second choice control point, but have never tried saving playlists.)

@magister0: What is your “first choice control point”?

bene said: What is your "first choice control point"?

The eLyric controller. It's a bit flaky but usually works, and I need to control the PSA-specific things like input selection from my iPad since I can't use the IR remote (distance and angle from my chair). I also like having the browse tree always displayed at the left.

My first choice is BubbleUPnP, but that’s Android only.

I use 8player & Minimserver and for me it did improve my problem and does work OK. Kinski just play one sons and elyric (the best interface) is a nightmare at home. you never know when it will work? BubbleUPnP should be on IOS soon…