Libraries and Wi Fi Controllers: Dazed and Confused (Not really)


Hello, Paul/all.

First time poster (well, now second-time since Elk suggested I start a new thread instead of leaving this in an older thread)…

I understand eLyric is toast (for some good, and not-so-good IMHO, reasons).

I now have three controllers on my iPhone (JRemote, eLyric, Kinsky). They all have some advantages, but I understand that only eLyric can control the DAC. I really miss that! My aging eyes can’t read the DAC screen to confirm or set settings from my listening position.

That said, my questions (thanks for your patience):

(FYI, I am running JRiver Media Center 19 on a trial basis on my 2007 iMac desktop [OS X - 10.9.1]. I like the way it seamlessly syncs with my iTunes library and keeps up with changes as well as its desktop play capabilities. My controller interface is an iPhone 5.)

1. Kinsky and JRemote have been promoted in these pages as good apps in lieu of eLyric. Is Plug Player just another Johnny-Come-Lately, or does it offer advantages over the above mentioned controllers?

2. Is there a controller (or controller function I missed) that allows you to control the DAC besides eLyric? (Note to Paul: If you are actively working with developers, it would be much appreciated and I believe it would be a beneficial discriminator in the marketplace of “PS Audiodom” to have this feature.)

3. The catch-all: If you are really a fan of the form and function of your Library manager and controller combination, I would appreciate if you would sing its/their praises and make a recommendation.

Thanks in advance all, for your replies, and keep up the good work.

Be well,