LANRover with Uptone Ultracap LPS 1

With all the talk on the computer audio forums about the Micro Rendu being used with the Uptone Ultracap LPS 1 power supply, I was just wondering…Is ANYONE using this LPS with the LANRover?

And if so, what are your impressions?

The guy at AudioBacon did a review of of the Micro Rendu and the LANRover head to head. The LANRover seemed to hold its own if not better the Micro Rendu in most cases. But, he was using the Uptone LPS ONLY on the Micro Rendu. Would like to hear from someone who has used the LANRover with the Uptone LPS. Huge improvement over the stock PS? Huge improvement over iFi PS?

Just wanting to know…

I have all three of these but have only used the LPS-1 with the microRendu, do you have a link to the AudioBacon review ?

Sorry Rogerdn…Should have included that with the original post…

I spoke with James Herod at PS Audio, and he confirmed that the LANRover is center positive, and should work with the Uptone LPS1.

If you get a chance to hook that up to your LANRover, would really like to hear your thoughts.

I’m using my devices together, e.g., sonicTransporter/RoonServer>uR/LPS-1>LANRover>Yggdrasil so I can move the LPS-1 to the LANRover, but can’t do until my preamp is serviced.

The review strikes me as unusual in that the uR is a renderer/bridge device while the LANRover a USB conditioner.

I am Using LPS-1s with switch and optical isolator connected to the bridge 2. Both are 5v and 1A. Even I have optically isolated network’s audio part which improved sq a lot, changing hdplex LPSs to LPS-1s improved sq by big margin. So upgrading from stock Ps to LPS-1 brings even more improvement, because hdplex LPSs are good. I first bought one and two weeks ago I got second one. Now 2/3 LPS upgraded. Because of continuos improving of sq I have to upgrade the 3rd LPS also. For it’s price, very impressive LPS. Highly recommended.

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Yes my LPS-1was a big improvement over the stock microRendu ps.

Has anyone tried the Wyred 4 Sound PS-1? It has up to 4 modules you can install in the base unit and looks pretty sweet. It can provide LPS for up to 15V 1.2A. I think that would work for LANRover whose requirements for power supply state that it needs 5V >1A. Not sure exactly what that means, i.e. would 5V 1.2A work? Or does it need 5A 2A? Anyone?

In that Audio Bacon Review, he makes it sound like the LANRover would have bettered the uR had he used the LPS 1 on both. Don’t know why he didn’t. I am very interested in purchasing one or the other of these devices. Just wanting to hear thoughts from a LANRover user using the LPS 1.

I have an LPS-1 on order for the LANRover and will let you know. It is backordered and supposed to come in at the end of February. I talked to Alex at Uptone and he said that my audio chain would definitely benefit from a Regen after the LANRover, plugged directly into the DAC. I’m still considering that one.

Thanks Amgradmd.

Will be interested in hearing what you think about the difference (or lack of) with the LPS 1.

I assume that you are using the 9V iFi right now?

With that in mind…

How did you like the upgrade in sound when you added the LANRover? Overall change on scale of 1 to 10?

I’m using the stock power supply for the LR right now. I noticed an immediate difference in general clarity and dynamics. Oneof the biggest things was that there was an intermittent mid level distortion that has gone away, both on ripping needle drops and in replay. I presume this was intermittent EMI/RFI or ground loop issues from my Mac that have subsequently been isolated. I’d say it was a 5/10 improvement. Significant and worth the investment, IMO. I’ll let you know what I think of the LPS-1!

Well, it is ironic that you would mention that about midrange distortion. That is exactly what I am trying to alleviate as well. I categorize mine as more of like a “digital glare”. Really only prevalent on certain tunes that are hitting that midrange frequency.

I am very much hoping that the LANRover will eliminate this for me as well. With the LPS 1, maybe even more so.

So, stock you are giving the LR a 5. Will be curious to hear what your rating will be with the LPS 1.

Thank you for keeping me updated with this.

Just wondering if it’s been confirmed that the LPS1 will work with the Lanrover. I haven’t seen a single post anywhere that actually had someone trying that combo.

By the way, if someone has answers for the below questions, it would be really helpful.

-What is the voltage and current requirement for the Lanrover output side?

-How much USB current draw is there to run the Lanrover sending side? Trying to see if it will be something that can run off an iPhone or how much laptop battery will be affected.

-Does the quality of cables, signal, etc… on the input side affect the sound? Since it’s supposed to be taking ethernet packets and re-constructing it, does jitter on the sender have any impact on that?


I talked to Alex at Uptone Audio a month or so ago and my LPS-1 for LANRover is on the way in the next week. He assured my it works for the LR and also would be able to power another low power device such as a microRendu. I don’t know about the current draw. I’d give Uptone audio a call. They are very friendly and willing to answer any question you might have. And as for the LR, I was told to use my best USB cable from the LR to the DAC since the LR does such a good job of cleaning the USB signal. Hope this helps.

amgradmd, did you discuss a recommended powercable to run both, and if the meanwell ps is adequate too ?

rogerdn said

amgradmd, did you discuss a recommended powercable to run both, and if the meanwell ps is adequate too ?

Jeez, I hadn't even thought about that! I must say that my patience for getting exotic power cords is wearing thin. I have read a lot of impressions of the LPS-1 on the thread on and haven't heard anyone saying how much better the LR or uR sound fed by an LPS-1 with an exotic power cord. I think I'll skip that one! 4_gif

I didn’t talk with Alex about the Mean Well PS. I don’t know much about that one, honestly. Great avatar, BTW!

Thanks, I think your post has saved me $300, I have another LPS-1 on order and forgot they might handle both my uRendu and LANRover. I’m going to contact Alex, I’ll ask about the cable/Meanwell and post a reply. Yes the avatar is pretty funny I think.

amgradmd, Alex says the Meanwell is ok when connecting two devices, but I don’t have a cable suggestion as I’m going to use a cable I already have so don’t need the type of splitter you would need. But email Alex or search his CA forum thread, I believe I’ve seen suggestions for several.

So I finally got my LPS-1 in the other day and realized it wouldn’t work without an adapter to their stock jack. For some unknown reason PS Audio uses a 4.75 x 1.75 mm jack for the LR, which is very unusual, and necessitates an adapter to fit to the much more common 5.5 x 2.1 mm jack. It’s even more curious since the ICRON unit the LR is based on uses a 5.5 x 2.1 mm jack. Whatever. sorry_gifSo I ordered this adapter set from Powerstream that has multiple different sized adapters, including the 4.75 x 1.75 mm, based on Alex from Uptone Audio’s recommendations.

After I bought it I found another single one here I think would also work:

Anyway, I finally got the adapter in today and plugged it in to the stock LPS-1 jack and powered up the LR and and then gave a listen for a couple of hours using my standard reference material. I must say I think it improves my overall sound. It’s hard to articulate, but everything sounds a little more crisp, maybe with better instrument separation. I dunno. I’m going to let it burn in a little bit to see if it changes. Maybe what I’m hearing is a lowering of the noise floor that people talk about. The noise floor of my system is pretty low already to my ears so it’s hard for me to say that, honestly. Another confounding variable is that I recently changed the fuse in my Directstream and I’m getting used to the new sound from that change (amazing!). For sure everything is sounding better than it ever has with the fuse and the LPS-1 powering LANRover. Once it’s broken in for a bit, I’ll report back with a more scientific a:b comparison.

Yes Alex pointed out the odd jack size so I have to order the adapter. I’d be interested in your thoughts on sq changes with further burn in.