I found the product page with a Google search, but I did not find a direct link under the PS Audio Products menu.

This page now says: LANRover will not work with computers running Windows 10

This was mentioned in a Forum post, but I never saw any follow-up as to whether PS Audio was working on a fix for Windows 10.

There is no Add to Cart button, and my Google search said Out of Stock.

MusicDirect has them in stock at the original $599 price. It would be nice to hear from PS Audio as to whether they are being discontinued and whether there ever will be a fix so they will work with Windows 10.

Someone posted one for sale yesterday for $300. That’s a good price if you are interested and are not planning to use it with Windows 10.

The LANRover has been discontinued, yes.

I’m sorry to hear that the Lanrover was discontinued. Obsolete already?

By the way it works just fine with my Microsoft Surface pro 3 in a docking station running Windows 10.

It sounds just great streaming Tidal, and I also enjoy streaming youtube music videos concerts. I get the

video from the surface computer to a screen in my music room using a Microsoft wireless display adaptor.

My only tweek is using an Uptone LPS-1 power supply on the receiving end of the Lanrover. I do use a

Wireworld USB cable between the Lanrover receiver and my DSD

.I hope this post helps someone else with a Lanrover.

It works well with my computer running Windows 10.

Paul McGowan said

The LANRover has been discontinued, yes.

Why has the LANRover been discontinued. The need hasn’t gone away.

Limited sales.

The isoRegen is half the price while the micro rendu or slightly more expensive UltraRendu do network streaming for the same $.

I think it’s too much $ to compete with the Regen and it doesn’t have the functionality of the rendu. This is where a Stellar server would come in nicely; rendu function with a good power supply.

I don’t get limited sales. IFI,Regen etc. not as good at the task. one approach is to build a good music server with Sotm USB card and LPS.

I was wondering though. Now that the LanRover is no more. Do any of the commercial units such as Startech,Tripp Lite etc. operate with the latest ver. of win 10? Those of you using it may not have the latest updates. There have been some major revisions and do not usually download through update channel.

I feel my dedicated fanless music server I built for $3,000(mainly due to 16TB and 4TB on SSD) is superior sounding to the commercially available options. Since for one thing Foobar or Jriver do much more than the so called music servers out there.

The best option may be to run Toslink from the PC rather than USB. Limited in rate but most files are not that high anyways. That takes care of the electrical connection issue for sure. I see no point to convert USB to TOS, just go TOS all the way. Almost every Mobo has it and unlike USB they are generally all the same quality. They work.

Icron is the manufacturer of LanRover. PSA just rebranded it i’ve been told. Take a pick:

That link is to their OEM products.

This is the one you can buy. 5Vdc power input like the LANRover:

The manual states Win 10 compatibility.

I can confirm that it works with win10, macOS, linux, also playing DSD is no problem.

So, I assume that does not work either then? The LanRover in fact does not work with latest build of Windows 10. Those that have it working may not realize that they don’t have the latest OS. Since it is not a Windows update, but rather fresh install. If you download the latest ISO and have a product code of course you most likely shall find it does not work. If it is working I would not upgrade Windows unless there is a backup of the build that is functioning. Still, it is time to move on. Security etc. was addressed. So good idea to upgrade and now LanRover is sort of useless. I don’t want to get the Icron if it is just the same thing. I think the LanRover had a little extra better components or something if I remember correctly. Anyways my latest built machine may or may not be better. Different approach to USB on it. The truth is Toslink is going to be best. I would certainly listen to MR. Smith.

That 4-port one needs a 24Vdc power supply on the receiving unit.

The 1-port one I linked above needs a 5Vdc PSU (like the LANrover) so it opens up some more options for going for a linear PSU of your choice, if someone were interested in that.

@2chan4ever As I writed - no problems with Icron USB extender with clean install w10 Enterprise v1803 or older versions, macOS High Sierra or Linux. Maybe the Icron is better/newer model than LanRover then.

For me toslink is not an option, I wan’t to listen DSD sometimes and USB extender is the best way to get Proxmox server and DAC connected.

You are talking about the Gigabit Lex2 model or another one? -Thanks

No, I talk about Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2304GE-LAN.

My Lanrover works perfectly with my Windows 10 (latest version) computer. To make it work, just download the PSA USB driver from this site and install. I added an Uptone LPS-1 linear power supply for the receiving unit and that really made an improvement.

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Yes, That is also sold as the Startech LEX2. They sold it to a number of companies. I think PSA did a couple special things with it just for Audio but not entirely sure. Still you can do even better with USB making it into a very viable method of data transport but looking at spending much more.

These units do not address ESD and other things even though Galvanically isolated sort of. It is just a trick breaking the protocol from streaming to packet based and the nature of the cable involved. Much better can be done, bringing USB 3.1 comparable to Toslink but with the ability to do DSD 768!

I actually have something like this running here but it cost just as much as the DS does. Although why would you buy a great DAC and skimp on the front end? It is not just USB addressed but the PSU, Fanless and a number of things. Easily beats CD Transport because it is higher res but it has the same Transport many high end companies use in it anyhow.

Here, much more has been addressed. Well I guess you just call it a music server. However Jriver and Foobar can do much more than say an Aurender. Overall the best front end I have had of any sort. You can go much further with USB than just the LanRover, Regen etc. However why not have a dedicated machine that can actually make use of it?

One very cheap thing you can do on the other side of the coin is just use a serial port to USB adapter. For $25 of cable it is Galvanically isolated as well.

I just installed the LanRover I had collecting dust. I had been using the Bridge II for a long time. I am shocked as to how good it sounds. Cat 8 cables, with USB ( Ifi and Audioquest ) iso adapters on each end! I think I’ll sell my bridge II now!