PS Audio LanRover replacement


Does anyone know if there is a replacement for a PS Audio LanRover out there? I don’t see one from Uptone Audio yet.


Also forgive me if there are a ton of threads on this already?


The answer is there isn’t one. Something happened to make it not work with Win 10. Another PS Audio software faux pas.


I like Apple ISO better and use a mac mini. Ipad controlled.


It wasn’t a software problem it was a hardware problem. The company that built the core unit for the LanRover did not want to modify their design to accommodate Windows 10 and we weren’t willing to keep making a product that wouldn’t accommodate the needs of
our customers. So, we thought it best to cancel the project.


Previous thread with a recommendation, LanRover


Did it work with Linux OS?


Hi Darren,
My LANRover works wonderfully with my Bryston BDP-2 which, I believe, is a Linux based though in-house created processor.

Hope this is of value, John