Laptop running off battery

Has anyone compared their laptop running off of battery vs plugged?


Lol. And ?

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Oh you mean like for music? A Laptop?
What’s wrong with your phone?

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Screen can be brighter when powered from a wall wart. MACBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPads. It has been ages since I used any of the referenced for listening to music, and at no time for critical listening. When ripping CDs, again many years back, a wall wart powered the laptop, with no additional regulation or power conditioning.

I think you’d get better engagement by providing some context as well as sharing your experience up front. Just my opinion.

Short answer is:

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All in expect. :grinning:

The battery life of my laptop is as bad as the spec sheet says it is. Are we talking about as a music server? I don’t use it for anything but viewing my BDP-3 control page. Anyway.

Of course we are talking as a music server. Sorry I didn’t realize this was such a controversial topic.

Let me try again.

Hi all. I’m using my laptop to run my music and have 20 TB of hi res music. If any of you still run a laptop - such ancient tech - have you ever tried it on just battery power and does it sound better or any different than running plugged into the wall. I have a new used laptop that I am moving to and I will try it. Just wondering if you had any experiences.


I cannot speak for others, but I had no idea what you were asking.

I am sure it seemed obvious to you. :slight_smile:

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Well I’ll take a stab at it. I was using a MacBook Pro initially when experimenting with the notion of a digital server. It was pretty basic with a 4Tb external drive powered by the laptop. Basically I was ripping my CD collection. while trying to learn the digital side of things regarding servers and streamers. This was circa 2014, and from what I remember running this configuration fro he wall sounded marginally better. To be honest I was not to thrilled with the sound. I was using an unmodified Apple OS and platform with iTunes. Not impressed. I then tried a Mac Mini, and realized an improvement but still not impressed. Things became more listenable when I stepped up to an Innuos ZENith Mk 3.

As my initial configuration may differ significantly from yours comparisons may be meaningless. From what I heard, utilizing the laptop’s battery power wasn’t an improvement. Considering what’s on the market currently a dedicated audio device would be a better choice if sound quality is a priority. I can recommend the Innuos line, both the ZENith MK III, or Innuos Pulse streamer.

Good luck.


Thanks. And yes. It’s something I have to look into. Right now thru the matrix things sound pretty good. But you know how that goes. I’m tapped out right now. Just got my pass mono blocks. :grinning:

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What’s wrong with my phone? Well I’ve got the iPhone se. I gotta move up to at least the iPhone 10 to get kwaulity sound. Come on Al. Did you get that apex yet?? :grinning:


Ah, Pass monoblocks very nice. Enjoy them! I’ve a Pass XA-25 and on the hunt for a Pass preamp.

I’ve got the BHK 300 monos fed by Pass xp-30 preamp. Glorious!

You probably know this already—Reno HiFi is great source for pass and first watt refurbished to new stuff. Superb condition and comes with warranty.


Thanks, I’ve heard good things regarding Reno HiFi. I’m on the fence between and XP-12 or an XP-22.

Purchased my x260.8 monos from Reno.

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