Anyone with supertweeters? Experiment with placement advised

I came near the end of a listening session last night and decided to align my supertweeters more with the treble speaker in my large floorstanders. They were pretty closely aligned, or so I thought.
Last disc of the night was Halloween Alaska, Champagne Downtown, a particularly well recorded disc.
Wow, I wasn’t prepared for what I heard, the speakers imagined like I’d never heard before.
Huge soundstage with pin point precision of everything in the recording and the speakers disappeared.
I didn’t move the supertweeters very much but that little bit made a huge difference.

I’ve recently added Pink fuses and Neodio Origine B2’s to my system and I’m wondering if the B2’s are really working their magic. But just to re-iterate only the supertweeters were moved to bring on this new imaging property to my system.

So I’m advising anyone who has supertweeters on top of their speakers to spend a bit of time experimenting with placement to see if additional benefits can be had my trying them at different places on top of your speakers.

I’m looking forward to trying more music with my system to see if the benefits are still there with further discs.

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Short wavelengths at these frequencies mean even the slightest movement makes a difference:)

I have Aperion ribbon supers on my Wharfedale EVO 4.4’s and I really like them (the EVO’s are surprisingly a bit veiled on top despite a very large AMT tweeter (prolly crossover related)). Yes, you do have to experiment a bit with location and the settings. I look at it like my subs, I want them to highlight my overall sound, not present themselves individually. That takes some work…