DirectStream is Stuck


Very frustrating. All of a sudden, my DSD screen stays on. If I hit the blue logo button, the entire DAC goes off, but I can’t get it into “hold state” where the DAC (and the blue light on the logo button) is on, but the screen is off (which is how I left it previously). I’ve done a power reset with the switch and then a power reset with the power cord multiple times. The screen is stuck on the USB source page and will rotate through the sources, but when I hit the logo in the top left hand of the screen (looks like a gear to me), nothing happens (so I can’t get out of the “source” screens).

Thoughts appreciated. Apologies if I missed a similar thread, which I looked for, but could not locate.



Does pressing the DIM button on the remote cause the screen to go off like you want?

If the touch screen in general isn’t responding there’s also a How To about calibrating the touch screen:


Thanks. It would not previously respond to the dim button on the remote, but I recalibrated per the instructions in the link, and all is well now.

Thanks again. Amazing product.



I am in Vietnam i am also using this DAC and also have the problem with touch screen. I have done re-calibrate the screen many times, reset all but the screen does not work and especially the volume on the screen is not standing 1 set point but running up and down

Could you please kindly help me to guide how to fix and any maintenance service in Vietnam