DirectStream is Stuck

Very frustrating. All of a sudden, my DSD screen stays on. If I hit the blue logo button, the entire DAC goes off, but I can’t get it into “hold state” where the DAC (and the blue light on the logo button) is on, but the screen is off (which is how I left it previously). I’ve done a power reset with the switch and then a power reset with the power cord multiple times. The screen is stuck on the USB source page and will rotate through the sources, but when I hit the logo in the top left hand of the screen (looks like a gear to me), nothing happens (so I can’t get out of the “source” screens).

Thoughts appreciated. Apologies if I missed a similar thread, which I looked for, but could not locate.


Does pressing the DIM button on the remote cause the screen to go off like you want?

If the touch screen in general isn’t responding there’s also a How To about calibrating the touch screen:

Thanks. It would not previously respond to the dim button on the remote, but I recalibrated per the instructions in the link, and all is well now.

Thanks again. Amazing product.


I am in Vietnam i am also using this DAC and also have the problem with touch screen. I have done re-calibrate the screen many times, reset all but the screen does not work and especially the volume on the screen is not standing 1 set point but running up and down

Could you please kindly help me to guide how to fix and any maintenance service in Vietnam



Unstuck my DSD Sr. today. Strangest thing after 3 months of trouble free operation with or without all the I2S stuff. The lights were on but nobody was home situation. Usually, I power cycle it and watch the LCD screen flash a few time, then flip the rocker switch on, let it initialize, and everything always comes up fine. Well no such luck. The screen went blank and didn’t flash but the display came up after about a minute but wouldn’t initialize. Disconnected everything including power off all the I2S stuff but left it all plugged in.

Unplugged the Power Cord, waited 30s, left the I2S power off, and then everything come up fine. Powered on the I2S stuff, and all inputs are now working fine.

I had left an SACD in the disc drawer of my Sony which is connected to the DSD Sr, via I2S but removed it after the no audio from any inputs problem just happened. Usually I take the discs out after playing them but I must have forgot. Anyways, I will watch this if it happens again.

My Wife called me me and asked why no sound from Netflix…oops !

I’m experiencing a similar problem, but probably more sever and for different reason.

I took the lid off my DS Sr. using the all-thread screw because I wanted to try putting some Synergistic ECTs in there. After I removed the lid whenever the DS boots it gets stuck displaying the last input I used (I2S 1) and is totally unresponsive from the touch screen, the remote, and the dim/standby button. It does not pass audio either.

I’m pretty confused in that I can’t tell that anything was broken. Except for the lid ground wire being disconnected, everything looks perfectly in order. I am not aware of any static discharges into the DAC either. I suppose the I2S connector could have sent static from my Matrix X SPDIF-2, but I have no idea.

I tried power cycling it, re-loading Windom, and re-calibrating the touch screen, and it is still totally unresponsive.

Are any of the ECT’s not mounted on plastic? (I.e. tops of chips.)
If you didn’t wear a static grounding wrist strap and/or didn’t have the device completely disconnected from power and inputs and outputs you greatly increase the chance for a static discharge even if you don’t feel it.
The lid ground wire needs to be connected when the lid is on just to keep it from accidentally shorting something (this is only relevant for some DS’s: over time the handling of the power and ground wiring harnesses has changed multiple time.)
PS Audio support can help you.

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Thanks, Ted. I didn’t actually mount any of the ECTs. I didn’t have a wrist strap, but it was fully disconnected and powered down. I made sure to repeatedly touch a door knob first to try and discharge any buildup.

After touching something grounded in your house you should always touch the (unpainted/unanodized metal) case of the DAC right before you put you hands in since he DAC not grounded to your house and that’s when it counts.
Tho you probably didn’t fry anything, I don’t have any guesses what’s going on.

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I’m waiting to hear back from one of the service guys. The only real hypothesis I can put together is maybe the lid bumped the display board when I took it off.

That’s why I’ve never opened any of my PS Audio gear Ted. Curiosity killed the Cat don’tchya know :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably wise. It looks like my DS will not be easily resurrected.