Lightning Port to USB

With all the recent hullabaloo about using Apple’s lightning port for audio, I must ask a question I’ve been wondering about for a while: is it possible to connect an iOS device via lightning port to Sprout’s USB in?

Ive just purchased a Sprout and have the audio from the iPhone SE lightning port into the Sprout USB digital in. I’ve used the apple ‘lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter’ and a generic USB A to B cable. This apple adapter is the one that also takes lightning power in. I’ve read that if you use the standard non-powered apple camera adapter you have to run the USB via a hub (powered or self-powered is not clear from the interweb).

So far, so good :slight_smile:

Any idea why the powered adapter is required? I wouldn’t expect Sprout to draw power.

You are correct. Sprout does not draw any power from the 5V line.

The 5V line is used to detect if there is a USB connection.

Maybe an Apple thing, cable issue, or the sequence in which I connected the devices? The iphone came up with a power warning when I plugged it into Sprout without the extra lightning power, but was fine once lightning power was connected.

The iPhone Power WARNING came up because you risk DRAINING your iPhone Battery FASTER without an External Power Connection. That is NORMAL when the iPhone detects a HIGHER CURRENT DRAIN than normal from its Lightning Connector. For the Director of Engineering to say that the Sprout does not draw any Power, is incorrect. Just to DETECT the USB Connection, the Sprout MUST DRAW SOME CURRENT. Power = Current x Voltage, so I am sure it is a SMALL AMOUNT of POWER; but, it must be a large enough CURRENT DRAW to trip the iPhone Warning. If you have a USB Voltage & Current Monitor Device (, you can insert it, in-between your 2 different Connections & see how much Current, the Sprout is drawing & at what Voltage. These devices work great & can measure a 0.01 Ampere change in Current, which is equal to 10 mA.

It is the way I use it, the Spout is shown as “XMOS something”. It works like a charm but it is also a cable nightmare.

Does anybody know about a dock that allows to plug USB too?

Dave P. said

You are correct. Sprout does not draw any power from the 5V line.

The 5V line is used to detect if there is a USB connection.

That may be so, but the phone still thinks it is using too much power and won’t allow it. It gives the warming XMOS 2.0: This device requires too much power. Do we need a powered or unpowered hub to use an iphone lightening to USB with the Sprout? Any recommendations?

Hi all - I must be dumb because I can’t figure out how to make my iPhone 7 work with the sprout. I have the apple camera adapter connected to a wireworld usb 2.0 cable but I get the power drain warning and no connection. Any suggestions on what to do next?



Yes, you need to use an active USB hub.