Sprout100 USB Quality

Question for those knowledgeable with digital streaming (which I’m not): if I connect my iPhone directly to my Sprout100 via usb, would the sound quality be the equivalent of that of a independent streamer hook up? I’d be using quobuz. Thanks for any input.

I no longer have my Sprout, but when I did, I always found that streaming through the USB port was excellent. For such a little amp, it put out great sound, particularly via the digital inputs which were far less congested than Bluetooth streaming.

Good luck.

Mike D

Great, thanks for the response Mike!

I do recommend getting the USB-3 camera adapter (with lightning connector and a USB port) to connect with though over the cheaper USB-2 cable. It just sounds better.

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Quick follow up question:

Will using this direct plug in to Sprout option (streaming with Qobuz) provide comparable hi res quality (at least 16/44 or higher) to a dedicated budget streamer like a Bluesound 2i, for instance?

I have no use for buying downloads, nor to I stream from a lap top. Only interested in using the Sprout DAC Just looking for the best streaming option possible at the lowest cost.

Forgive me if I’m way off, btw… I’m primarily a vinyl listener (to that end sprout has been fantastic).


I would imagine so, because the connected item is simply passing a signal into the Sprout which is acting as the DAC. But I can’t say so with absolute certainty.

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