Can someone explain the best use for USB connection on Sprout?

I was planning on hooking up my really old IPod to the Sprout to have yet another option for sound. My IPod has the really wide connector and they rarely make any of those anymore. That is my first problem. :slight_smile: Secondly, I noticed that that USB connection on the back of the Sprout is a Type B connection which is something that I rarely see on USB cables I’ve been looking at in the stores. Seems most are the tiny connections to a standard USB jack that you would see on a computer.

So I’m wondering how people are hooking up they IPods and also wondering what are some other examples of products people are connecting to that specific jack on the Sprout? I should add that I’m not a huge technology nerd like I used to be so trying to catch up. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Just do some searching and you will find what you need. I don’t know whether one can buy an original iPad to USB male B cable (it’s entirely possible that such a thing exists somewhere), but a combination of this with an adapter should do you.

Oh yeah, that adapter would be perfect! I have the first cable you linked to. The second part was what I was wondering about. Thanks man!

It may be worth a try but I’m not sure the iPod will put out a digital signal that the Sprout (or any external USB DAC) will understand. You may be limited to analog audio using the headphone jack. If you try it let us know if it works. I’m frequently wrong about these things so don’t let me discourage you.

The best use is:

Connect a pc or mac for direct digital feeding to the amp using this USB port, using this Amazon USB Cable and sprout drivers.