Line level or Loop Output Jacks for subs

I have a Parasound A21+ amp and am hooking up 2 SVS SB-2000 subs. The Parasound has Loop Output Jacks; would it be advisable to hook the subs up via the loop output RCA’s or use the line level speaker outputs to the subs? The Loop Output Jacks would certainly be easier to hook up and run, but I’m looking for optimum performance of course.

Congrats on the A21+ amp.
What is your preamp and what outputs are you currently using?
(I am using a Parasound P6 preamp right now, with xlr outputs to M1200 monoblocks and a single rca connected to the subwoofer output of the Parasound pre to an SVS SB3000 subwoofer).

I run a PSA SGCD and run balanced to the A21+

I would continue to use the balanced outputs to the A21+, and would use the rca outputs from the SGCD to the subs. I am not familiar with the A21+ outputs.

I think it somewhat depends on what your sub or subs can handle. In my situation I have B&W 800 Diamonds each coupled with a B&W DB1 sub. I’ve gone with B&W’s recommendation and used balanced line-level inputs for the DB1s. Since I use a DSDAC (with no pre) which only has single balanced outputs, I use a short Y cable to split off the left and right line-level outputs.