Connecting a SGCD to line-level sub(s)

I’ve been eyeing the SVS 3000 Micro sub, but it lacks high-level inputs. I connect my SGCD to my M700s by XLR, so the folks at SVS said I could connect the sub to the available unbalanced outs. Anyone here know whether balanced and unbalanced outputs can be used simultaneously without harm to anything?

I got a Jensen ISO-MAX transformer and used the high level terminals going from my 300’s to my SVS3000 subs. You can just use stranded wire going to the Jensen and then RCA from the Jensen to the subs. I’ll try to find a link for you.

This is where I bought the transformer. The price has gone up in the last year like everything else.

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So for each 300 you run speaker cables from one set of terminals to the main speakers, and speaker cables from the other set of terminals to this device, and then RCA from it to the sub? Have I pictured that correctly?

I dont know about the SGCD, but I do know on the BHK Pre its called out in the manual that both outputs are live at the same time and yes you can use them to the sub. You dont want to go to LFE though. That is different input. The sub needs to have L and R inputs for line level.

Just checked the manual for the SGCD, and it talks about using both outputs together. The only caution it mentions is that the balanced outs will have about 6dB more gain, something I assume could be compensated for with the sub’s volume control.

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Yes you are correct. The transformer has screw terminal inputs for each channel + and -. Because my amps are outside of each speaker I used two of these transformers but one will work equally well. The two channels are completely separated inside the unit.

The output side of the transformer is RCA and is full range so you can tune the subs as if they were directly connected to the speaker hi level terminals.

No power is required but there is a set of DIP switched to set the max input watts based on your amplifier.

The SC-2NR is the one to use. Several people here have used this solution and it works well.