Listen whit one channel; do it hurts the amplifier?

Somethimes I listen to mono music whit one big speaker;

I wonder if the amp gets hurt, listen to much whit one channel only? I mean only listen whit left or righ only?

Hey @Buho.

Fun question! Out of curiosity, what amplifier are you using and how are you setting it up when you listen to mono?

The left and right channels of an amp should be completely independent, and the amp doesn’t ‘wear out’ when played, so it should be completely OK.

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Is a rotel amp, i have a old speaker that i use to listen mono needle drops made whit mono cartridge, for example the 1959 mono kind of blue lp(one channel only)

Great :balloon:

Some amps need to see a load on the speaker terminals otherwise it could damage the output transformers. I no nothing about Rotel amps and this is a very generalized statement, but very real for those owning amps with this requirement.

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