Sound Pressure Levels

Are sound pressure levels higher behind the speakers and sub woofers (Front wall) or in front of the speakers (Rear wall) (Side wall)?

This would greatly depend on distance, size of room, and placement. Whatever your configuration, if in a modest room or smaller, start in the corners first.

The reason for my question is I’ll be adding an addition to my house that will include a dedicated listening room for me. It will measure 18’ 6” x 14’ 1” x 8”.

There will be 7 feet of storage space behind the front wall so I would like to place my equipment behind the speakers but flush mounted to the front wall. Basically the equipment will be in the storage area with just the face of the equipment in the listening room. So essentially no equipment which includes a turntable is in between the speakers.

Just want to make I’m not doing more harm than good placing my equipment there.

Sounds like a good solution to me Paul. A lot of people use the “lowboy” wide racks between and behind speakers with no ill effect and this should be one better. Did you ever decide on rack brand?

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Thanks Jack…I’m leaning towards the non stackable Timbernation or Butcher Block Acoustic rack.

They appear to be similar. I’ve had my Timbernation rack about three years now. Heavy and sturdy and takes about 15 minutes for the assembly. Just remember to take into account the widest piece of gear you might ever consider and make the shelves a little deeper than his standard. His height configuration works as long as you don’t think you would own gear with tubes on the top. It’s a little tight for my Supratek preamp on the standard 7" distance between shelves. Wish I add ordered it with 9" and 12" instead of the 7" and 10". Don’t how flexible the guys are at Butcher Block are with customizing I just own the BB amp stands.

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Hi Paul,

Sending the rack behind the front wall would improve the depth and height of sound stage, and add more realism to timbre. Good ventilation in that space is critical.

I am not sure if this helps, but NIOSH has a free sound level app that you can download to your mobile to check SPL in various spots around the room and speakers. The link includes a user manual: I use it to ensure SPL at my listening chair is safe.

Happy listening.


Thanks Serhan….yes there will be 2 windows and HVAC in the back room, also thanks for the link!

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