Live classical in NYC


hello all. As I live in the NYC area I plan to take my 8 year old son to a love classical event. Where should I go and when. Please help me pick one to attend. I want something up best like Carmen I think. I figure its time for him and I wamt it to be up beat and vibrant for him.

He currently plays two instruments , one being piano the other a trumpet .

Any thoughts please



How about Bugs Bunny and the New York Philharmonic? They recently added the Thursday performance so better seats are probably more available.


Cool! I want to go!


Check the websites of music departments at colleges near you (of which there are many in NYC). College ensembles such as orchestras, chamber music groups, etc. often give concerts toward the end of the semester (April/early May in many schools). Such performances would be cheaper, and probably more family-friendly, than the big NYC institutions like the Philharmonic or the Met. Opera. If you see something that’s convenient but you’re not familiar with the repertoire, folks here can help, or call the music dept. and talk to them.


The bugs bunny theme is an excellent Idea. As he does not watch much tv or cartoons. But does like bugs bunny.

And so Does my wife and I. We are doing it for sure. Avery fisher hall I have been to many times as a child.

Jazz groups mostly

Stanley Clark and the like. I remember at intermission going out on the Terris for smoke back then. As in Cheech and Chong type smoke lol. Wow that memory was lost up until just now.

I told him and the wife and we are excited.

Hiow many here realize just how racial bugs bunny is ?? By today’s standards ??

Thanks for the idea. See I am trying to expand my horizons and my grand sons as well. From reading here I do feel the least musically enriched. But I do try to become more attuned to classical as I go into this musical Journey




Very funny. I cannot wait to take him. A big thanks for your kindness.



There are a number of Warner Brothers (and other studios) cartoons from the '30s and '40s that are quite racist by modern standards. The most famous collection is probably the WB “Censored Eleven.” The most famous of all (not a Bugs cartoon) is probably “Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs,” a Bob Clampett take-off on Snow White that, apart from being racist (and it is), is regarded by many as a masterpiece. The worst Bugs is probably “All This and Rabbit Stew” (if I remember the title correctly; it’s definitely not a masterpiece). These days they’re all available on youtube, of course.



Bugs Bunny and the New York Philharmonic starts this Thursday the 14th.

What day will you be attending?