Live concerts: most dearly missed / best attended / not yet heard, most important to attend in future

Saw Alan Parsons Live Project recently. The sound was great. The lighting was great. The vocalists were very good. The main vocalist, Eric Woolfson passed away some time ago, so there were new singers.

They recreated the sound of the albums quite well. There were 8 or 9 musicians on the stage, 5 of which also contributed harmonies. Sometimes it really soared and completely filled the venue.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

He is touring the U.S., and will be going to Europe this year as well. If you like any of this music, I recommend going.

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That’s interesting! I didn’t expect he’s still a hot hint, as many of those past bands sound like their own cover band.

I will pay attention in Europe!

Most dearly missed was Elton John and Ray Cooper at Drury Lane Theatre in 1979. Absolutely electric. Within 5 or so years of that he’d lost it.

Perhaps most important was a single concert the Berlin Philharmonic played in Jerusalem in 1990. They had to wait for the former Nazi, Karajan, to die. Zubin Mehta conducted, soloist was Itzak Perlman. The bigger, political event was in Tel Aviv, but this was intimate and when the BPO played the Israeli national anthem everyone was in tears.

Best attended in an arena was probably Live Aid at Wembley in 1985. I was involved in arranging it and the place was just packed out after wondering whether to put the show on at all.

Big mistake recently when we had tickets for Mark Morris Dance Company and I had a ticket for a Haitink 90th Birthday concert with the LSO (including Mahler 4). I chose Mark Morris. Big mistake. I now have a wall diary to avoid date clashes.

I’ve not heard Fidelio yet. Going to see it at the Royal Opera on 17th March, stellar cast including Jonas Kaufman and Lise Davidsen, Antonio Pappano conducting. That may not happen again. Most expensive ticket I’ve ever bought.

I’ve never heard Pavarotti. When my wife was studying at Martha Graham in New York, three years running, she used to get $5 student tickets to see him at The Met.

p.s. Has anyone heard Stacy Kent live? I love her records, I was playing them and the wife fell for her too, so got tickets to see her in November.

From Parsons website, he’s done classes on mastering. I bet that would be interesting stuff. He has quite a pedigree on albums he’s done.

Best concert I ever attended was the Talking Heads at Red Rocks amphitheater. Beautiful summer night with a full moon. The acoustics were amazing, as was the performance.

Second up was a Yes concept in a small auditorium, followed by Patricia Barbara in a nightclub setting. Also saw Jean-Luc Ponty in a small night club.


Favorite live acts in recent past in no particular order all at a favorite, small local venue:

Iris DeMent
Robert Cray Band
Earls of Leicester
Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt acoustic session

Oh, and of course Blue Oyster Cult

My best concerts from the Seventies despite short term brain damage, in order, were: Bee Gee’s, Stevie Wonder, SuperTramp, Rolling Stones. Worst was the Beach Boy’s, horrible singing and fall down drunk.

Hmmm, can’t narrow it down any more than this:

John Cale - The Venue, London (1983)
Miles Davis - Manchester Apollo (1990 ish?)
Bjork - Manchester Apollo (2005 or 6 ish?)
Genesis - Deeside Leisure Centre - Abacab tour
Camel - Liverpool Empire - Nude tour
Rush - Permanent Waves tour

Never saw Frank Zappa, or Pink Floyd, or Tangerine Dream, despite being “in the area” around the time.

Miles Davis was a bit odd, by virtue of only being on stage for 25 minutes and leaving his young band’s percussionist to improvise to fill in the time, but it was actually quite enjoyable, because the band were excellent, and when he was on stage (albeit with his back to us) he played well :slight_smile:

Worst concert ever, or at least the acoustics were. Santana at Fiddlers Green in Centennial Colorado.
I’ll never attend a concert there again, especially after experiencing the excellent sounding natural amphitheater at Red Rocks.

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In May or June of 1977 I went to an all-day concert in Des Moines, Iowa. The lineup included Foghat, Kansas, Santana, J. Geils band, and Fleetwood Mac. I think it was less than $20 for a ticket. It was held at a horse racetrack, and was mostly open seating. We miscalculated how much alcohol to bring, and ran out way too early.

It was a great concert, as you might guess.

The biggest surprise was J. Geils. They really rocked. It was odd, because I didn’t know any of the songs by name, but once they started playing I recognized many of them. We got the biggest kick out of the name of their harmonica player, Magic Dick.

The only band that was only ok, was Foghat.

The rest were excellent. Santana rocked. He is one of the most articulate guitars players I’ve ever heard. He didn’t slur his notes.

Fleetwood Mac was very good. This was just after Rumors was released. They played a lot of songs from the prior album, such as Landslide, Over My Head, and of course Rhiannon. All very good. They played some songs from Rumors, but since I hadn’t heard the album yet, I couldn’t really enjoy them. I can’t remember which songs they played.

I had just graduated from college. It was a great way to celebrate.


The first concert we paid $10/ticket for was at Civic Coliseum/Auditorium, Knoxville, TN.
A friend also going said “That Santana guy must not be so good since he is just the opener for [Eric] Clapton.”
My response was “Clapton would be a fool not to ask that ‘Santana guy’ to come back on and play together with him at the end of his [Clapton’s] set.”
Mr. Clapton was no fool.

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Apparently Genesis started off doing loads of gigs upstairs at Ronnie Scotts in 1970. I wonder what they were playing. Genesis is the first rock concert I can remember, 1976 at the Hammersmith Odeon, Lamb Lies Down tour, also saw them there in 1980 when I should have been working on my A levels. I sat the original The Wall production at Earls Court, it was pretty pretentious and a bit weird with all those Ralph Steadman things flying around. Things are going a bit nuts by then, the pinnacle being Rick Wakeman’s King Arthur on Ice, I can’t remember where that was. The Wall cost a fortune and lost a load of money, was pretty much the death of concept tours.

Did anyone see this madness?

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Have you seen the much more recent Roger Waters Wall production? That was something special. I have the Blu-Ray and, like a fool, missed the show in ATL several years ago due to high cost ($300 / ticket). Wish we did attend now.

I’ve not and I don’t like Rogers Waters’ politics. I wouldn’t give him a $ if he was begging in the street, and my wife and I make it a point to do so all the time. He argued with Thom Yorke rather unpleasantly in the papers about Radiohead playing in Tel Aviv. Pleased to say Thom Y ignored him. I didn’t get to go, but my wife and elder son did and it was by all accounts totally amazing. I saw Radiohead in London in 2012. Quite an experience.

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I’m a huge Radiohead fan as well and they’re on my bucket list to see live.

Weirdest show: Dead Kennedy’s with Half Japanese opening.

They don’t do many gigs. My son has seen them in London O2, Glastonbury, Berlin and Tel Aviv. He and his mates were begging tickets outside the Roundhouse in London all day, looking miserable, the Radiohead management saw them, came out and gave them tickets. A result.

I was just researching a gig I went to, I know it was in the summer of 1991 because I met up with a friend from Switzerland in Paris. We’d already walked from St Germain up to Montmarte, then back to Bastille, enough for most humans. She’d heard this gig was on up at La Vilette, only about a 6 mile walk up the Canal Saint-Martin, who was I to say no and it was a nice sunny day? It was called Miles Davis and Friends, something like that, tickets at the gate, I remember John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock and Maria Pages. Loads of other greats turned up. I don’t remember Miles Davis at all. I remember it went on for about 5 or 6 hours and then walking back to St Germain at about 3 in the morning.

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