How about concert photos?

I love concerts and remembering them later with some photos I made…so I just tried out my new camera first time in a fantastic concert of Dave Holland.

I’d love to see concert photos of others, too, so I started this thread.




Rickie Lee jones from the front row of town hall here in NYC. It’s just an iPhone6 pic. IMG_3555.JPGIMG_3562.JPG

Great, I have quite some of her older recordings, but never made it to the newer ones…it’s interesting to see artists out of their cover art!

Hot Tuna (a.k.a. Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady) at City Winery in NYC last week. Great acoustic set.


Aaron Neville at the same venue in August. Just him and a keyboard player. After the show they shook hands with everybody within reach. Nice touch (no pun intended).


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, in July. Sadly, it was the final tour.


Steve Earle with Emmylou Harris at The Town Hall in NYC on Sunday. It was a benefit for the school for autistic children that Earle’s son attends.IMG_0121.jpg

Thanks for posting! It’s really great to see some artists who rarely perform outside of the US.

I saw Bruce Springsteen on Broadway this week. An expensive outing but one that will be remembered.IMG_3700.JPG

I am soooo jealous.


Joe Bonamassa - Fox Theater Detriot - April 2015

Just a few impressions of the last two concerts I attended…but I’m aware not many find anything special in pictured musicians. I do, I like when dynamic or emotion is visible, when the fascination of music can be seen, even without sound…





James Carter

A must see/hear! Today’s Bird, the most powerful and true Jazz experience one can get.

This was a fantastic concert!




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Very nice set of photos.

Jazznut- what camera and lens are you using ? Great results and a fantastic eye!

This image is way off topic but I was in the silverball museum tonight - which is filled with vintage and new pinball machines - when I spied a signed Tom Petty guitar IMG_4550

Thanks, great you and ELK like them!

I’m using a Sony A7RIII with different lenses, Leica, Sony, Voigtländer and two very good old manual focus Nikon for special purposes like tilt/shift.

In concerts usually (as here) the two tele are in place (earlier a Leica Tele Elmarit M 90/2.8, but in the meantime a Sony GM 85/1.4 and a Leica APO-TELYT M 135/3.4) , rarely the Leica Noctilux 50/1, just when I’m sitting very close. Due to the high resolution of the Camera, I can also extend the tele for the lenses by factor 1.5 in crop mode while still having 18 MP resolution. I’m using an autofocus adapter for the manual lenses, except in quiet situations, were I shoot manual and in silent shutter mode.

I also use an analog Leica M6 with its few more lenses at times, but not in concerts, as it’s too inconvenient for the need of fast reaction and it’s not really capable of the low light situations unfortunately.

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Enjoyed the Roger Waters Us & Them show last weekend, using the battersea power station connecting past and present :upside_down_face:




What a show!

What does „een varken“ mean?

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