Long run on speaker cables

Love this site and Paul’s videos.

I have a home theater system with the speakers at the front of the room and equipment at the back of the room. Speaker wires go up through the ceiling so it’s about a 25’ run. Instead of one 8 or 10 gauge wire, I have two 14 gauge wires running to each speaker terminal (4 wires total to each speaker). The quality of the speaker wires is good.

In terms of signal loss, resistance, etc., is this a good setup. Does the signal care if it’s traveling on two smaller wires vs one larger wire?

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My own experience when wiring for home theater in several of our Homes in the past 22 years of Home Theater enjoyment alongside 2 channel stuff is :

  1. 12 AWG not from the Hardware store (oxidizes easily). I’ve run Monster in the past (14AWG) and now AudioQuest X2 for my Surrounds and Center Channel with AudioQuest Rocket 33 on the main L& R.

  2. Sonically will it make a difference doing 25 ft run with basic 14AWG instead of 12AWG. Probably not, but I use the 12AWG stuff for Subwoofer duty.

My two cents in the matter.

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BlueJeans makes a nice “standard” speaker cable for not much money.

It won’t sound the same as one thicker high quality speaker cable but it certainly works alright and technically it should capture all the info. I would suspect it might be on the thin side with respect to bass.


I don’t know how extensive your HT setup is, but I would suggest your most important speakers are the front three (L, C, R). That’s where I would put my best cable, especially if your L/R does double duty as two channel audio. Speaker cables are less critical for the various satellites. When I ran cable for my HT (similar to you, running it inside walls and through my attic), I found a great deal on a 500’ spool of Monster Cable M1.2s. Overkill for satellites, but the price was right.

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@SudS This is exactly how my Speaker cable setup is. The “Good Stuff” on the L. C, R & the regular stuff for the roughly 30 ft. runs for the RS, & LS.