Look what Paul uncovered

You just never know what you’re likely to find while tromping around the Colorado hills. See if you can guess why we’re teasing everyone with Paul’s discovery. Hmmmmmm.

Wonder if there’s something in store for us…


Oh that is to much!

Coincidentally, I was just about to turn off my PC and take a nap. I hope that I don’t have any digital vs analog nightmares.

Don’t feed him,


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Well my guess is the soon to be released Obsidian TSS DAC, or could it be the Beta Windham DAC firmware.

@Paul & @tedsmith - hey thanks you two… I was having a not so good day at work and you just made me laugh so hard…thanks, I needed that…

They asked me to peek out from behind a tree. I said I don’t see any big enough. They didn’t seem to think it mattered :slightly_smiling_face:


@tedsmith - yeah, that was too funny… thanks, I needed the laugh…

That’s a good one!

Nice!! :slight_smile: very appreciated!!! Lol

@tedsmith @Paul hahahaha! best PSA video ever.

I spit up my coffee like Danny Thomas.

Brilliant! Be safe out there dad!

You just never know what’s in them woods! For those having spotted the Yeti, what’s the bet that Yeti has something special in store for us?

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Will it be the best Yet—i?


Great video!
Good you let him out once before the TSS is finished…those creatures need a bit of fresh air and sunshine every few months :wink:

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I didn’t realise the tedmithicus digichiefus could change colour to suit their environment. First time I’ve seen one in green…