Windom firmware

Our local distributor just posted this link, but the firmware doesn’t appear to be live yet (at least not here). But the release video has been filmed!


Your patience is being tested …:grin:

Just. Cant. Wait. :grin:

Ohhh the killing suspense.

Looking forward to this new release :wink:

Thanks Ted

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After watching the nice video I excitedly clicked on the link to download Windom. Such a bunch of teasers. lol.

What a teaser!
But, I guess it will take a long journey yet for us to have Windom in our DS Sr. or Jr.

Pretty much the mo for these updates, no?

If not I’d love to be a beta tester.

Back in the day we had a term for this kind of behavior…can you guess what it was? Hint…the girls in HS did it all the time…:roll_eyes::laughing:

I can wait as my new DS is still breaking in. After a week (168 hours) it has a ways to go.

Although it is publicly accessible on the website, it is not part of the website navigation - meaning it was not PSA’s intent for it to be seen yet. Somebody (non-PSA) found the “/windom” URL and passed it along. And, it does mention “October” on the page as to when it will release. :wink:

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Damn! I guess the formatted SD in my card reader will have to wait.

Holy Crap - I saw the digital Yeti again - what are the odds seeing that creature in his natural habitat… the top of a mountain of course…

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Who would have guessed they wear shorts and sandals?

When I tried to be careful climbing down the uneven ground/rocks I kept sliding or slipping out of my sandals. I just ran down and hoped it would be easy when I stopped. I must have looked like a Yeti running down that rock seemingly out of balance with my arms waving. I had forgotten that I’m now used to air at sea level and it’s thinner up there…


I hope you didn’t mess up your fpga with all that thin air!


@tedsmith - that was a great video, thanks. Now we wait for the Windom drop… the digital yeti lives and good to see in his natural habitat… the top of a mountain… @Paul & you did great… you guys are like celebrities…


Great video, thanks Paul and Ted. Sounds like Windom is going to be MONEY!

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So can we hear any details about what changed or improvements in sound quality ?

This is great news. :slight_smile: